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Also! You receive 3 Gifts from Archangel Michael which nobody can ever take away.

Lucinda   (St. Louis, MO)

"I could feel everything you were doing.  During "rocking the baby" I felt I was levitating; this lasted a very long time.  Everything was so powerful and intense."

(Aftermath)  "Thank you... about the infinity symbol (8) ...I've been mindfully walking this pattern today; at 8 am I received an assignment with a $800 value... exciting!"

(A month after Star Healing 2)... A lot of amazing synchronicities have occurred in my life. I am letting go. "You don't look like a patient of ours"... my heart doctors says.  (This she attributes to several life practices including Star Healing)..   Between the time I went there 2 yrs ago, there is a transformation.  I am having my download from the Council of 9... things are happening for me incredibly, even with an irregular heartbeat... I am being purposely used all the time...  I can only talk to you about this... I a firm believer:  I stop for pause and inspiration using my tools, and find myself serving in areas that the healing has created... Also, I am now planning on a new shift in Life.

           Latest testimonial (3 mo. later)... ATTACHED VIDEO, link at bottom  : )

Mary J.   (St. Louis, MO)

The energy I felt during the session was the same I experienced at the age of 3, when I was star gazing on the back porch with my father, and was taken consciously into the stars.  It was such an amazing and vivid memory - and I have been longing to feel that ever since!  Coincidentally (or not!), I was told I am Pleiadian.  When you did the "Side Winder" technique to remove the dark energy put into mankind's psyche eons ago, I felt my whole body tingling, and then saw a transparent colored octopus leave my lower body, with all its tentacles.  When you were working the tingshas at my feet, I distinctly felt some being touching my head all over, like little massages!

Ashley   (Columbia, IL)

"Days before my session I was seeing rainbows, similar to those experienced as a I child.  I did not know rainbow imagery is used in Star Healing.  During the session I had some visualizations.  When you were working on my spine I saw an image of piano keys being played.  During the Upper Journey first I felt l was in a dark place, like underground, even sensing mustiness.  Then, as I was elevated, I saw a large white cross above, with rays pouring out, and also saw golden flakes.  (A friend told me it might have been the presence of Mother Mary)... Interestingly, I was visited by Mother Mary about an hour before you emailed me you were asking Mother Mary to hold me during my releases after Star Healing.  Also I felt it was validation to have found an image I had been looking for, of Her and her Sacred Heart., and other synchronicities related to Mother Mary.  (We had showered Ashley with white rose petals from Mother Mary, for more self-love). When you were using the tingshas, I saw myself (through my inner eye) in an open field watching a blue-green UFO with a white bright light hanging like a pendulum.  This was a water color picture, beyond planet Earth.  (Afterwards, I showed Ashley what the tingshas look like: 2 brass plates connected by a rope; they do - in fact - look like tiny UFOs! and we let them hang over her body and do their guided healing work several times!  Too cool.)

(2 wks later..).

In a short window time frame of my hindsight, the healing timing for me was spot on to everything and, of course, will still continue even brighter and carry forth now and with the next time. It’s continued to make even more since with waves of clarity it WAS ‘the time for me’ on a deeper understanding on a core soul level (Purification).Since the healing, my 3rd eye is WOW!  It started in Meditation and as I was almost asleep started seeing visions through my 3rd eye with my eyes closed.  It has been opening since I was a teenager, but it’s yea WOW about sums it up.  I believe AAM came to me in a vision during a sound meditation (all visuals),  Been feeling big releases of trauma and ancestral junk, too.  


Vivian  (St. Louis, MO)

After the session (first 1/2). Feeling full, satisfied. The person I saw in the session called me and we sat at a table (just as I had seen during the session).  I told him I have no desire to drink; makes me feel nauseous.  I have reached a stopping point. I usually avoided responsibilities, but it doesn’t feel that way anymore.     I feel like I have a voice to speak, am more direct, not taking crap.  Worrying less; there has been a change in my thinking, affecting the whole house.  I can tackle things now; setting boundaries with my children. By the end of the 4 days of release:  I felt an emotional detox (lots of crying).  I feel WHOLE again.  

During the 2nd part of the session (a wk. after the first), before you mentioned putting in angel wings, I saw these huge wings in front of me.  I also saw Archangel Michael with a telephone!  He stayed for a while. My third eye and crown chakra have opened and I see a lot of light.  She expressed much gratitude to having been lead to Star Healing by a friend.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL says:  "Time for Self-Awareness:  several wks after Star Healing...start noting the changes in your life"

2 wks later: Everything is insanely perfect. I feel completely different.  I found someone I'm so compatible with.  I am worrying way less.  I am so happy, grounded and fulfilled! I don't drink as I used to before.  I am now looking for a better job.

Sowande   (St. Louis, MO)

Felt/saw beings in the room before she even entered.... they positioned her feet and face mask.  Also felt every crystal as was laid on table... (actually she jumped every time i put them on!).  Saw a purple tunnel and also a lot pink. Saw many, many stars; was not 'here'; was moving in space. Had other visions during the session.  Just by looking at the tuning forks, she vibrated.  During the 'banding" technique, she felt clearly layers being peeled off (as Archangel Michael described the movement for releasing toxins from this and past lifetimes).  

During the Upper Journey saw a massive light in the column, sweeping her up out into the Cosmos.

She saw the removal of toxins fly away; saw a hand actually moving in to do this...

(4 days after)

Called to report she was, essentially, very happy.  Glad she got SH before her 2nd vax. "all the right vibration energies there; effects not like after 1st dose".  No major releases, just feeling very calm and grounded.  Also, a few days ago, she felt her back was on fire!  This she had experienced once before in her life and believes it to be the signator-appearance of Archangel Michael.  Just wondrous, do you agree?

Mary   (Des Moines, IA)


“I could feel everything, even when you exhaled with the movements. During the Upper Journey, I felt very floaty… Then I sensed a large presence.  I felt it was Archangel Michael. He did an ‘overlay’ on me (as he had done once before), which I later understood was higher dimensional energy.  He stayed there for some time, even throughout the execution of the following techniques. Also, I could see and feel my wings right after the session.  They are way bigger."

(next day)

“There were so many beings swirling in after the session.  It was so powerful. I can’t imagine it being any more powerful in person, because your voice and breathing and movements felt right here. I feel my vision changing, third eye enhanced.  I have a deep sense of calm, clear and clean feeling.  This gift is priceless.  For several days I heard the tingshas as clear as day, in bed!”

 (some days later)

“I slept 12 hours 3 days later.  I feel lighter, stronger… My light is brighter.  The energy from the session is still in my bedroom.  My friend Lori entered and felt the elevator energy (Upper Journey movement lingering?) which I found interesting.  My 3rd eye vision is stronger, and way calmer.  I can tell there is a lot to integrate. I am affirming “I offer Love and Kindness” for long periods of time.  It is an easy and smooth release of the old in every way. All is very well!  Thank you again for this gift !!! "

Cathey   (St, Louis, MO) 

Before the session, I explained that sometimes people's  higher senses awaken as a result of Star Healing.  (I like to tel the story of Kelly Hampton's student of Star Healing for Small Animals, whose 3rd eye was opened while beginning to learn the system.)  After we completed the session, Cathey was very tired and I had her stay on the table, alone in the room, to comfortably nap.  I told her I'd be in another room meditating.  After 15-20 min she got up and found me, asking "what was that music that was playing??? (to get it somehow)".  None had been playing anywhere.  She had been hearing an angelic music the entire time, with some crystal bowl sounds and others she couldn't identify.  She said it was so celestial she wanted more of it!  "Expect miracles" Archangel Michael says. Hopefully this will lead to more awakenings.

J.D.  (St, Louis, MO) 

(remotely, in partial segments due to extreme conditions)

 " I am thinking crystal clear and I'm dropping some excess weight..,.. my knee is completely healed and I'm emotionally stable... the doctor said I am no longer pre-diabetic! ... I am now on only one medication..."..  After the last section of Star Healing:  " ... This is the first time in 35 years that I am pain free  (physical and mental)... I know I owe a portion of that to your Star Healing sessions.... I've begun reading complicated books after not being able to enjoy this favorite recreation for the last 32 yrs...my concentration was so badly damaged...  I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart..... I can't tell you how Star Healing has changed my life!.  It's like I'm reborn! "

 Shirley Wilson  (Springfield, IL) 

    (partial, remote session)

    “As Cathy was showering rose petals, I felt light and took deep breaths of joy. During the 15 minute meditation I saw my dad throwing rose petals at me and         laughing playfully.

    Next I saw Jesus there with a crown on his head, but the crown was sitting cockeyed, and he had a huge smile on his face. He then placed the crown on my      head, also crooked and we both laughed and laughed.  We then did a fist bump!  I am certain Jesus was opening me to joy and laughter.  Jesus faded away slowly and Mother Mary appeared in her flowing blue and white gown. She  came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder and hugged me gently.  As I have had mother issues all my life, I felt she was giving me Her motherly love.

Also, AA Michael appeared and placed the golden halo on my head.  I am filled with gratitude for my star healing experiences.” 

(a few days after)

“Saturday and Sunday were SO peaceful that I slept on and off for almost 24 hours.  As you know, my right ear stopped ringing and the left stopped temporarily, but now has a slight buzzing sound.  It is hardly noticeable.  Hopefully it will eventually go away permanently.

 During one of my Sunday snoozes I experienced an energy shift of some sort.  I was lying on my back and I could see my right leg slide off the sofa, my knee twisted backward and up till I felt a pull in my hip.  In actuality, my leg slipped off and on the sofa in a matter of 2/3 seconds.  Not in a million years could I twist my leg back and up let alone in that time period. I am sure the right knee is on the mend!   I am more peaceful and relaxed. Before I had been experiencing restlessness and that has left me.”

 (3 wks later)

"At the time of the star healing, the ringing in my right ear stopped immediately, and the left ear stopped some days later.  This is a problem I have had for a couple years.  Occasionally a ring will start but it stops very quickly. I think that little bell is my angel trying to remind me to be thankful for NOT having that ring anymore.

In the past 3 weeks I have been on a whole body healthy weight loss program. It is very strict, and I have lost 20 lbs, and my blood pressure and sugar counts are way down.  That is a record for me and I don't think I would have had the stamina to do this without star healing.

 I will note that something amazing has happened.  Months back my hair was thinning and I was losing hair, but now it is thicker than ever and turned curly; I have NEVER had anything but stick straight hair.  Could this be from star healing?  My knees are doing great.  No pain when walking or lifting.  I still have neuropathy in my feet, but the sharp pains have subsided.

 I hope to be an example for others in our later years (way later) that we CAN be healed and brought back to a healthier life. I thank you again, and God bless all, especially you, who are working to make the planet a better and healthier place.”

Volunteer  (Lima, Peru)

"First I felt very light.  As the session went on, I felt as if I was transported, like levitating.  At one point I felt like some angels were lifting me, and they moved some parts of my body. 

All the time I was looking at a sky full of stars.  Sometimes the stars got close to me.  It was as if I was ONE with the Universe.  I also felt electricity in different parts of my body.  My head chakra was active from the beginning, where I felt an intense charge.  I also constantly saw a purple vortex which helped me enter into another dimension. I saw a Sun which illuminated me with a yellow light.  I saw a little boy about 9 yrs old with his mother, from the past, the time of Jesus.  I saw an ornate stone door which was opening. 

That night I heard a woman with a very lovely voice call me by my name, and I felt like I could see the center of the earth, like a cave which led to the inside…”

(after a few days…) 

“I feel a lot of serenity.  I have not felt again the anxiety and anguish.  Likewise, the panic attacks have not recurred. I awaken very calm, not like before, when I had felt restlessness and sadness.  In my dreams I have issues with people from the past, and within my dreams I feel anxious, but I am able to resolve it.  In summary, I am more spiritually full, safer, the fear has been reduced and the anxiety is slight.”

(when completing the session, remotely)

"I felt a lot of work being done in my crown chakra, very intense, like little seeds being introduced.  I also felt air and a cold wind, but it was affectionate, like the presence of an Angel, it seemed to be Archangel Michael, and afterwards there was work done on all my body, heat, and like electricity traversing me. I dreamt of my mother, who gave me 2 Buddhas, of onyx or quartz, which I stored in my home.

I have also had special dreams; e.g. one in which my mother was showing me the horizon and I saw a bright yellow Full Moon, and on the right side a bright yellow Sun in the sunset.  It was marvelous!  - like seeing 2 Gods simultaneously.  I have heard voices calling me by my name, and 2 times I had the clear sensation that Angels or my Guardian Angel was with me.”


Shari Jacob   (Springfield, IL)   - Remote session - 

 The treatment was awesome.  I saw the rainbow and levitated up into it. Then I saw a bearded/mustached man with a long white robe and what looked like angel wings and a crown of light on his head.  He was tall and looked like a cross between Master Jesus and Master Kuthumi.  He did all the work on me, but I could sense AA Michael off to the side.

Then, when you invoked the red light, a red tube encircled me and I was still levitating in it.  Then, when the massage was mentioned, I could see him massaging my energy field.  When you mentioned placing angel wings on our back, I thought, now that makes sense, because I wondered why, what appeared to be an ascended master, had wings.  When we bowed for the closing prayer, you and I were facing each other and the Master was to my left and AA Michael to my right, and all of our crown lights merged as one, and then I saw the light go down through the center of the circle we made and into the earth. 

AA Michael and the Master then placed their hands over mine, palms facing each other.  I kept hearing  'This is God's gift to you'.  When the beehive seemed heavy, I heard, 'healing a wound here'. Then I was told that there was a channel/vortex of white light over me.  

I am just so filled with gratitude.  I usually don't have a lot of clairvoyance, most is audible sound, but I was told that this would have been distracting for me, because I needed to listen to you.   Then after that, I meditated and had a wonderful interaction with my twin ray.  My heart is still swelled with love.  I will keep you up to date with any healings.  So, thanks for the wings!!!!!  Love and Light”

(later feedback)…

"First day, diarrhea in the morning, obvious toxin release and very emotional.  On the second morning I woke up hearing Anna Merkaba teaching me how to use the Metatron disc that I have.  Then,I went into a deep prayer meditation, saying the prayer AA Michael taught,' I offer love and kindness to...' and so many things came forth. Then energy was sooo strong I started to feel lightheaded and a bit nauseous.  I asked for assistance and it did alleviate the energy and symptoms. I even had the most incredible prayer come forth for AA Michael.  It was invoking from the Great Central Sun all the energy that was required to assist AA Michael balance the karma he has taken on in his assistance to this earth and all her evolutions.  It was such a beautiful prayer.  Of course my heart swells, for I do love this blessed Arch Angel with all my heart...  I do feel lighter, and I will hold the faith that this is truly so.  So, I do know that this is unlocking some keys and awarenesses and I am loving the expansive possibilities that this energy holds.  Love and Light.”

Kathleen Hanrahan  (St. Louis, MO)

 "I so enjoyed my first session of Star Healing with you!  During that time I felt my Mom's hand hold my hand & tell me that everything was going to be fine! I felt her hand soft & small & loving.  I also heard her voice, just like she used to do!  I also felt warm & totally safe & loved...such an amazing feeling!

 When I came home on Sunday I laid down & had a nice cup of tea. I felt very relaxed & peaceful. I did sleep well that night & woke up feeling restful & happier than I have been in probably 3 years since my Mom died.  ALSO!!!! I got out of bed on Monday morning & did not feel any pain in my hips that I had since late Feb. (sometimes so bad I could not walk well for hours)... I began to give thanks & was full of gratitude for what had taken place on Sun. with Star Healing!!! ….

My meditation has been deeper. My arm pain in both arms was very intense yesterday, but eased up & today seems improved… I have never been so peaceful, feeling happy & smiling & laughing like I used to. I have also been intensely aware of other people, almost like I see how they feel!!   My thanks to you Cathy! I look forward to my other half of my session.  Love & Joy”

 (a few wks later)…

 "I swear... the pain in my arms and hip is almost totally gone... I'm amazed... I am going to get back to who I am !!  .I can almost put on my coat...I feel amazingly different... I am also having interesting dreams... with someone in it... I can feel the heat, the light... and hearing words like 'you can heal with your mind... just walk away from it.. be done with it'..."


(2 months later)…

"Well, I have really been dreaming a lot, almost always with my Mom : )   I have slept fairly well, but at times difficulty sleeping...

Physically, my arms have improved markedly!! Also, my hips seem to be getting better all the time.  Lately though I heart has been beating fast or extra beats, (which I know everyone experiences at times), but it has actually been scary when it happens. I sometimes feel like I am floating & not on this plane!!  Basically, I am doing a lot better & try to remember to put on my halo & do my blessings, sending everyone love & kindness.  I so appreciate you & all you have done."

(5 months afterwards)...  "There is more peace and calm in my life, and I have become more intuitive.  I hardly ever get upset or have a negative reaction.  My arms are better, hips better off and on.  Grinding of the teeth has improved. I am taking only a tiny dose of my blood pressure medication.  My hair has gotten bolder and shinier!  (people say I look younger!).  I feel like an Angel.  I remember to use my Golden Halo and practice the Love and Kindness affirmation daily.  I am sleeping really well, and have vivid dreams with my mother (last night, in fact!)..."

N.J.   (St. Louis, MO)

(4 days after the session)

"I am calm and feel well... I still have some unpleasant sensation in my tail bone area, but is less.  Energy is OK, I like it... I am able to read a book for more than an hour.  For the longest time I could not concentrate and stay still while reading.  My book reading appetite is back!  Love, N."    A few months later she told me the pain she had been experiencing for some time in her coccyx was gone..

Johnny Rose  (St. Louis, MO)

“At the end of last month, messages from the Arcturian Group and Archangel Michael stated clearly that the deepest emotions of our past lives are being brought up to be healed.  We are, each one being tested to the core of our being. That is why I believe that Kelly has brought these new healing modalities to our awareness at this time. This way, we have the power to release, cleanse and heal all of our past, even though our emotional attachments make it feel like an impossible job. All things are possible with the help of God, the Angels and the Ascended Masters!

 The greatest thing that I felt way a sense of peace and unconditional love. I particularly enjoyed the sensation of the rose petals being sprinkle over me! That was amazing!

 As far as my physical concerns and symptoms, my hernia symptoms have become negligible. Not bothering hardly at all. I have been dealing with that for 4 years …”

 (a month later)

"I have noticed more calm and peace around me.   I feel like the Star Healing opened me up to look more deeply at my overall health and is working in conjunction with my         chiropractor's techniques.  I feel a peace that is guiding me at this time. It is just a year since my Dad passed away. The peace at this time means a lot!"

Elsie Milla  (St. Louis, MO)

(Cathy recounting ...)  When she laid down she saw many beings:  Mother Mary, a huge star overlooking us, an Archangel ‘emissary of Archangel Michael’ and

Master Hilarion (of the Emerald 5th Ray of Healing...).  Also, many, many stars with little faces – showing each is really a Being; there to observe.  Among them

was one who looked like a Fairy Godmother, with her wand.   Early in the session she was shown she was in a washing machine (I guess because of all the

clearings and releases)! Later on they showed her in the ‘rinse’ cycle (too funny!)…   After the 'Upper Journey' she saw the skies totally star-studded.  At the 'Lower Journey' she saw them holding her by the ankles and shaking her upside down!  Later on she saw the profile of a pyramid.  It was in Egypt, and had steps. She saw herself coming out of the top of the pyramid, like overlooking….

Mary Losing (St. Louis, MO)

"The room was full of light beings.  The minute I laid on the table I felt them put their hands on me – pressure in my sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.  When Cathy encased      me in the healing capsule, I had a clear visual of it enfolding me like a silver webbing as she hit the tuning forks in each area .... I experienced angelic presence as that delicious 

             shiver that runs up your spine – but this was a million fold.  It filled my core and moved out all my extremities.  I felt myself (and  my energy field) expand.  Then my body started

             to spasm, first my foot, then my arm, my head, until it ran like a wave over my body.  As I would breathe into it and exhale it would subside and then begin again. 

             HUGE ENERGY !!!!!!    

            When I sat up on the table I noticed all the emotional turmoil that had engulfed me for 2 months had dissipated – like a heavy stone had rolled off my back.   That evening  2

            friends came by to hear about the experience and commented on how well ... how bright I looked.  They stayed until 10:30 pm and neither was tired, both stating that

            the energy surrounding me had affected them, also.   The next day I stayed in and rested.   The second day I got up at 8:00 am and cleaned my entire house – I haven’t had  this level of energy in a long time.  I am familiar with energy work, and the level of energy moving around and thru me during that session was mind blowing!  HUGE!!!" 

(1 month later)

           "Big loving detachment from family triggers, which is HUGE!  Detachment from some foods.  A lot of work in progress.  THANK YOU!!! " 

Mine  (Cathy, 2012)

"I had been suffering from lumbar compression for about 15 yrs.  It had gotten to the point where I couldn't stand for 15 min.  Felt like my waist was broken.  During one critical point in Star Healing when Kelly  asked "How are you feeling?"  I said:  "I feel like I am floating out in space, like I am going to be born, and I'm very excited  because I'm going to meet my Mom."  She responded "Your mom is here."  (!  So, I had a brief exchange with my Mom, deceased 17 yrs earlier, which meant THE WORLD to me).  Several months after Star Healing, on 12-12-12, my back was healed.  Because of several synchronicities surrounding this breakthrough, I am certain it was the result of Star Healing.  Also, people don't realize the 'other gifts' they're receiving due to Star Healing, as they are mostly attentive to the issues that were on their 'wish list'.  We get what we need, not necessarily what we want!  It's all in Divine Order."


Ann Maria Schreiber  (St. Louis, MO)

"During Star Healing I felt a lot of energy and joy and peace.  I frequently saw images when Cathy was explaining the movements, for example, the rose petals and the 4th dimensional disk.  Sometimes I felt like little angel hugs followed by releases.  During the Golden Umbrella I saw a huge golden light break out through the clouds, shedding a cone of light over me; it was very intense.  I saw a long continuous multi-colored wind ribbon flying over me, which continued for longer time than the actual technique.  Before the white feather was placed over me my body gave a little jolt, and I saw the feather.  When the tingshas were moving over my feet I felt a lot of strong releases." 

Dearra Ginder  (TN)

"During spot treatment for heel with tingshas, I felt whole right side of body being healed - especially above the knee cap.  When yo uplaced the tingshas over sacred center, I felt slight pain in right breast.  During trine crystal grid technique right before gold/white light merging them, I saw them being blown from left to right at the upper portion, bending in that direction (like a wave rolling over them), also felt left side of body sort of sigh with relief/release.  For the halo upgrade technique I experienced the image of the silver halo beginning to weave (braid-like) around the gold one."

(several wks later) "I am doing very well, more peace, more calm and feeling very healthy.  Taking a hormone supplement is helping with the weight loss, also eating healthier, and exercising regularly too.  There has been improvement on the right heel neuropathy, it's just barely perceptible now - yay!    I've used my silver/gold halo on many complaining occasions, and am still offering Love and Kindness daily, although for shorter periods of time than recommended by Archangel Michael. Thank you so very much for Star Healing 2 session."

* * *

The application of Lemon Oil for JOY caused one recipient such an extraordinarily elevated state of bliss I had to stop the session and let him take it in.  This went on for several minutes.  It prompted us to just express deep gratitude for the infusion of JOY he was receiving, which he would surely be able to share with others.  throughout the session other amazing gifts occurred, including a message he brought to me about a past life I had as a healer.  Blessings everywhere!



   Learn more about attuning your home.  It is the "Star Healing" for your space, which nestles your bodies.  

   Star Healing and Ascended Spaces work hand in hand.

     for more information, visit  http://kellyhamptononline.com/ascended-spaces-home-attunement/


*    After elevating the home space... the recipient's cat (new to St. Louis) has been seen appropriately laying next to the Harmony Harmonics, one technique used.  This system is more powerful than Feng Shui.  Homeowner  shares:  "I started taking notes about how my space is transforming, and it is.  Ascended is priceless, and in many ways a missing piece to the changes I have been aspiring to. ... These tools are empowering.,.. My space is humming with tunes."  (BONUS:  her laryngitis went away by the time we completed Ascended Spaces!)

*   "I noticed an immediate lift in my mood and sense of optimism with the very first step of the attunement process.  I also noted my dogs were unbelievably calm during the process, which was particularly unexpected since they are territorial and do not like having strangers in the home. Just one day after Ascended Spaces, my husband surprised me by, without prompting, taking major steps to help resolve his depression and isolation."

*    "Ascended Spaces helped to energize my home so much that I wanted to take the crystals with me in my camper  I am sure AAMichael is protecting me in the home. I am disabled and cannot do a lot of things most people can.  I noticed the feeling of Peace, the candles and crystals added to my home.  It felt good and added to my sound  healing and personal aura a great deal. Over time found I had to move candles around.  I imagined the crystals moving and tightened when trouble came.  My home is my security and so it means a lot to me to try this method."

*   The dogs in this household stared at the crystal bowl music and immediately calmed down, as if under a spell.  They followed us around the house as we worked the system.  (A few wks later...)  "As far as changes, I have noticed I have really gone into myself to re-evaluate..Our space is better, and  we are getting more organized (at least it seems) 😊 .  Generally, all seems good, happy, cooking, putting plants to sleep for the winter & enjoying this lovely weather.   Love & Joy.

(3 wks later)

"I am definitely more peaceful & relaxed & have never really been bothered by things... but now!!! I don't see ever getting upset or whatever!  My husband seems so centered & financially we have been doing really... Our space simply seems calm & serene... more talking reading & a lot less TV!!  Oh!!! Almost forgot... on Monday I woke up and the hip pain was actually GONE!!! 18 months!!! I believe from Star Healing & Ascended Spaces and YOU !!!

Thank you !!!   Love & Joy..... (also reported was that the dog who had been afraid of entering the desk room wasn't anymore).

*   The most noticeable change has been with the cats! believe it or not.  They have been much more calm.  They used to burst into my bedroom in the middle of the night and walk all over me.  They have not been doing that, which I appreciate!

*  (a lady called me almost crying, a few wks after performing the service) "I want to thank you so much, Cathy !!! .... I was unable to rent out my apartments for over a year, and was getting very desperate.... I have just received a call to rent one, and possibly another... am sure it's because of the energy of Ascended Spaces.. I am grateful beyond words...thank you!  God bless you !!".   

*  Jill's mother had passed away in her home.  She was stricken with grief and not sleeping well, while she could still hear her mother wailing.  We conducted the system and prayer for her mother's total release into the Light.  Improvements were noticed immediately, bringing more peace and calm to the home, and to Jill who was sleeping much better.  When her daughter visited some weeks later she said she felt the energy had changed.  : )