Ascended Spaces

Kindly shared by founder, Kelly Hampton  


 STAR HEALING  works best when combined with ASCENDED SPACESTM, a divinely guided system which uses sound, harmonics, semi-precious gems, oils, imagery, commands and body techniques to raise the wellbeing of a home and, when necessary, to clear residual emotional energy  or the energy of entities inhabiting the space.   This new system was channeled to Kelly Hampton in 2011 from Archangel Michael as an extension to Star Healing Intergalactic Energy.  

 Though these two systems can be thought of as companion energy systems, they may  also be learned and experienced separately.      

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Archangel Michael adds:  "Any time you wish to clear negative or unwanted patterns of behavior such as the 

energy from arguments, illness or death, it's a great time to clear and reset the energy of a space.  Moving into a 

new home, trying to sell a property, the addition of new family members, the desire to increase prosperity

 are other typical reasons, though many more exist."

"If I give you a facial and you play in the dirt, you will need another facial. Your facial is your Star Healing 

session and the dirt is everyone's home space.  Therefore, to receive the greatest benefit (of StarHealing), you are 

invited to learn Ascended Spaces to create abundance in your home"

You can treat your home or office space yourself.  To purchase a booklet, contact

If you live in St. Louis, Missouri - As an alternative to buying the booklet, and purchasing the tools from 

different sources and implementing the system on your own, you can ask me to perform Ascended Spaces personally, 

and I can share some of my tools. This will save you time.  Fee for the service is $70.  The purchase of some of 

the tools is highly desirable.  (This will all be explained).  Please contact me if interested.

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