"I came to Jayne when I was weighed down physically and mentally. I first joined one of her fitness classes in her garden. I had little confidence at this stage and really wanted to find an inclusive class where I wouldn’t feel self conscious. I needn’t have worried. I found Jayne and the other people at the class very friendly and I actually started to look forward to going. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, Jayne will tailor the exercises to you. As I started to build up my fitness and my confidence, I started to come to Jayne for Personal Training sessions. I absolutely loved these sessions. Each session was different, which I loved, Jayne has an amazing ability to make you forget you’re doing exercise. She has definitely made a huge difference to how I feel about myself and I’ve started to enjoy exercise again! Thank you Jayne x "


"I have tried everything, Weight Watchers, Slimming World and several fad diets, losing weight quickly and after time getting board and putting it all back on even quicker. I finally reached out to Jayne who has educated me in how I should be eating whilst making slow changes to my eating habits giving me slow manageable but sustainable weight loss without feeling like I am on a diet. Along with the changes and understanding to the way I eat, the workouts we do together and the workouts she plans for me at home have given me more weight loss and a better physique than I ever had on diets and I am feeling the best I have in years."


"I had tried to lose weight after my second baby and 10 months in I was still struggling to lose half a stone and get rid of my squidgy arms, legs and body. so I signed up for 6 personal training sessions with Jayne. I went to her home gym to train, it was great as it was totally private and I was feeling a bit self conscious. She made a small change to my regular eating plan and gave me a workout which I could do by myself at home. The next week I had lost 2 lbs and couldn't believe it as I didn't feel I had been dieting. I then saw her every 2 weeks where we reviewed my eating plan making just a few easy changes whilst still eating what I wanted at weekends and she would update my training plan. At the end of my 6 sessions I had lost half a stone and my whole body was tighter and more toned than it had been for a very long time. She is amazing."


"I would highly recommend Jayne Sheldon for her training and nutrition advice. Signed up for 6 personal training sessions on 9th Jan to change what I ate and to tone up! These are the 3 reasons why I am loving my results in 10 weeks;

1. Lost 15lbs- still not on a diet!

2. Lost a total of 19 inches -Weights, cardio and circuits and did the homework!

3 I am focused, motivated and feel great!

Thank you 😊 🎉🍾"

(Sue Reid)

“Having just had my second child I really wanted to get back into shape but I was really struggling to find a way to exercise as breast feeding meant I couldn't leave my daughter for very long! Jayne's personal training service was invaluable as it meant I could take the baby with me to her private gym, she even gave her a cuddle so I could carry on working out! When my daughter was older and it was no longer appropriate to take her with me, Jayne came to my house so while my daughter played on her mat, Jayne put me through my paces!

I really don't think that I would have got back into shape so quickly without the help of Jayne, her knowledge of specific female exercises to help with those post natal problem areas and also her dietary advice were invaluable - I couldn't recommend her highly enough!”


“I love this woman, Jayne has helped me lose weight, tone up and have a complete new outlook on life, I couldn't run to the top of my road in January, but now I'm up 8miles!! Thank you Jayne xxx”

(Katie Cowley)

“When I came to Jayne my blood pressure was high and even though I am tall with long slim arms and legs, I was carrying a lot of body fat around my middle. I knew Jayne was qualified in exercise for medical conditions and she was able to prescribe the right exercise program for me which reduced my blood pressure to a healthy level and through the cardio and weight training plan we did together, along with simple dietary changes, I have lost 3 dress sizes to boot. She really knows what she is talking about; I couldn’t have done it without her. Thanks Jayne x”


"I am so glad I found Jayne to help me get back on track with my eating and fitness. Her help has been invaluable and I now feel so much better about my body. Being bloated is a thing of the past and my jeans are much more comfortable, this is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. Jayne works with you to achieve your goals but also ensures it can fit in with your other commitments. Definitely money well spent!"


“I have always enjoyed my sweet treats and over the years, even though I have an active job, have put on ¾ of a stone which as I am little really shows. Jayne has helped me lose this weight with small dietary steps over the course of time which has enabled me to lose this weight whilst still enjoying the odd biscuit and cake a few times a week. The weight training and cardio program which she has designed for me has also made me far more toned (particularly my arms which I was very sensitive about), now I feel much fitter and happier.”


“I have a sedentary but very stressful job and before I came to see Jayne I felt tired and lethargic all the time. Over the past few years I have slowly began to gain weight around my tummy even though I play squash twice a week. My wife had been seeing Jayne and unbeknown to me had booked me a session. Jayne did some assessments before starting the program and this is where I found out I also had high blood pressure. Jayne knew exactly what to do, she gave me some dietary advice on a slow and steady basis so that I could make small changes to my eating plan without it feeling a chore and through this, and my exercise program, I have lost 1 stone 2 lbs achieving my ideal weight. I am now fitter with a more athletic physic from the HIIT training along with resistance work that Jayne puts me through and my blood pressure is back down to normal. I now regularly beat my partner at squash and I no longer feel tired all the time.”


"When I met Jayne I was an overweight, unhealthy 55 year old, who felt as if her weight was completely out of her control. I have lost around 2 1/2 stone in 9 months and my whole attitude to food and exercise has changed. I have tried most diets over the years, lost weight and then put it back on - with Jayne's guidance and knowledge I have slowly lost weight and maintained that loss through holidays, Christmas, stressful events etc etc! For me that is one of the most positive things about this experience. Jayne has shown me how to make the correct type of exercise part of my life and how to consider carefully what I am eating, when and the effect it has on my mood and activity levels."


"I came to Jayne after being challenged to a 5k Assault Course Race. I was totally unfit but with Jayne's help in our Personal Training Sessions, along with attending her Circuit Class I increased my fitness and strength and managed to take part in the course 8 weeks later, running all the way and beating my challenger. Exercise has now become part of my life and I am planning another race soon."


"When I first came to Jayne my blood pressure was high, 150/95. I was in my fifties and did not want to or enjoy cardiovascular work so Jayne created a weight training plan which I really enjoyed. Over the past 12 months I have seen my body transform, losing fat and gaining muscle all over, I look and feel better than I ever have and my blood pressure is now a remarkable 140/80. I could not have achieved this on my own. Training with Jayne is motivating and enjoyable and I am looking forward to our next training session."


"I used to be someone who could eat what they wanted, never have to exercise and never gain weight. Unfortunately I have hit my fifties and all that has changed. I have put 2 stone on slowly over the past couple of years and decided I needed to do something about it. I contacted Jayne telling her I wanted to lose weight but did not want to exercise or diet. When she first saw me she just asked me to increase my protein at lunchtime which was no big deal and then to take use my fitness tracker and try to do 5000 steps per day whilst taking my dog for a walk. I surprised myself by easily achieving the tasks I was set. That week I lost a 2 lbs. A few weeks later Jayne changed something else in my diet and slightly changed my exercise plan. Over the weeks this system has worked really well for me and I have now lost 1 stone over a few months which have included 2 holiday weeks away. I am finding the whole process so easy and Jayne is really supportive and motivating when I am feeling negative about things, I always leave her with a smile on my face and feeling positive."


"I have just completed six sessions of training with Jayne. I am in my sixties and had not done any gym work for a number of years but wanted to become more body aware before the rot set in completely. Jayne trained me comprehensively, pushing me gently each session to achieve more. We discussed nutrition and she advised me on a healthier diet. We planned to make one simple change to either my diet or exercise, each week. The cumulative effect of this has resulted in me having lost a little weight and having a much more positive interest in my fitness levels. I would thoroughly recommend training with Jayne."


"I unfortunately suffer terribly with anxiety and have found Jayne's understanding of my condition and facilities second to none. She has helped me feel comfortable and confident to exercise with her, teaching me how to use the equipment helping me lose weight and tone up in a supportive and friendly setting." (Beth)


“I would like to express my gratitude to Jayne Sheldon for her time and effort in putting together a training plan for my three peaks challenge. The circuit training class at Hagley is a great no pressure way to get fitter in a friendly atmosphere and although I only met Jayne a couple of weeks ago she is doing wonders for my fitness to climb mountains.”


“Over the past 6 months I have attended Jayne’s Circuit class twice a week when possible and from this alone feel fitter and healthier with loads more vitality and 1.5 stones lighter, I feel great.”


“Your classes have definitely made me fitter and stronger and given me more energy.”


“Following the Weight Management alongside the Circuits Class I am losing 2 lb per week, I feel loads better as I am not hungry and thinking about food all of the time, it doesn’t feel like I am on a diet at all. Thank you.”


"Really loving the Circuit Training Classes, they are fun and varied and the people who attend are all really friendly, getting ready to try a daytime class when my little one is at Kindergarten"



“I can't attend your Friday morning class as often as I would like to, but when I do a class, everyone is friendly and I find it very motivational and feel so much better for having attended.”

(Amanda Poole)

“I love these classes and don`t know what I would do if I couldn’t go, the mix of cardio and weights keeps my heart pumping whilst I am toning my wobbly bits. The class is really friendly and the full instruction Jayne gives us means even a beginner could confidently take part, I can really see the difference these classes have made.”


“I feel fitter, stronger and more confident since attending your classes, thank you.”


"I love Jaynes sessions and go to them for some me time whilst boosting my fitness and stamina. I enjoy the personal tuition we have in a small group and the session always flies by as we are having fun."


"I started attending Jayne's Wednesday Fat Blast and Body Tone and Friday Small Group Metabolic Fat Blasting classes with the aim of losing weight for a summer wedding. The classes were tough at the start - especially after 10 years of inactivity! - but Jayne is very supportive, and it wasn't too difficult to get into the swing of things. About a month after starting the exercise classes, I also joined Jayne's Weight Management programme, receiving great help and advice on diet. By my June target date I had lost almost 1.5 stone, and felt so much fitter and healthier. The summer wedding is long gone, but I have carried on with the classes, maintained my weight loss, and actually now enjoy exercising!"


"Classes are challenging but great social sessions, the time flies by which helps to keep me motivated whilst gaining fitness and losing weight".



“A big thanks to Jayne for the past 8 weeks on the weight management program. Not only have I lost weight and inches (reaching my goal of getting back into my jeans!), I have changed my eating habits and, from being a chocoholic, I have cut out chocolate and don’t miss it.

I have learned loads about nutrition and healthier eating and have made changes to my diet which I am able to stick with for the long term without feeling hungry .I also feel much better for it.

I would recommend anyone to give it a try.”


"Hi Jayne

I would just like to say thank you for helping me lose a stone in 8 weeks. I wouldn't have thought it was possible before the summer hols but in the end it was so easy I wish I had started weeks ago.

The best part for me was that you looked at my current diet and gave lots of ideas of food I could substitute that would help me lose weight and stay full. You also explained why I felt hungry at certain points of the day and helped me deal with that. I hate being hungry so that was a big winner for me. I do feel like I've changed my habits and I am still enjoying the various meals you suggested and staying full for longer. There was no strict diet to follow so I didn't feel guilty about having the odd treat. I'm now 9 and a half stones so back into all my summer clothes again! "

Thanks again".


"Along with Jayne's constant help and support I have managed to lose 1.5 stones without feeling like I am on a diet. I have shaped and toned my body in her Wednesday and Friday morning classes, After having 5 children I am looking better than I have ever done. Thanks Jayne xx"



"This has been a great small friendly class which has enabled me to exercise after the birth of my baby girl without worrying about baby care, whilst meeting more new mums."


"This small friendly group has been a great way to socialise with like minded ladies and has helped me to strengthen my abdominal muscles, correcting my abdominal separation (diastasis) and cure my back pain associated with this problem. I am also feeling fitter and firmer all over."


"I have enjoyed being able to workout again after having my baby with no baby sitting required, Jayne gives us really motivating workouts whilst also being helpful by entertaining the babies if needed whilst we exercise".


"Really enjoying the classes, I can work at my own pace and build my fitness and don't feel like I have to keep up with people who are fitter than me as she shows easier exercises which I can follow. If babies cry Jayne is really good and will rock them so we can get on with our workout. Thanks Jayne :):).



"This is a great class at a really convenient time as I have to put my children to bed so I miss all earlier classes. It is just 30 minutes of hard work, but I know it is over very quickly so I am not home too late. The classes are really fun and varied and have helped me get my fitness and body shape back after having children. I highly recommend giving it a try."


"I love to run and I enter alot of events and have found this class has really helped to increase my fitness so my running times are better, whilst also losing a few lbs from my tummy. Love it."


"Jayne's classes are always fun but this one has been a really great class to go to when I have got back late from working in London, I can just make the 8.10 pm class on Tuesday, I don't always feel like exercise then but when I get there I know it is just 30 minutes of really pushing myself and I feel fantastic after."


"Over the past few months I have seen my fitness increase and my belly reduce, this class really does what it says on the pack."


"Loving this workout, I am not the fittest mom but work as hard as I can and Jayne helps me out with easier exercises if I need them. The workouts are fun and varied but challenging and the people in the group are all really friendly."



"With the lockdown I have found Jayne's live streamed sessions to be envaluable to keep me going mentally and physically, helping me sustain my strength and fitness levels with the small amount of exercise equipment I have at home." (Donna)

"Live streamed training has turned out to be much better than I was expecting, Jayne is able to demonstrate the exercises she wants me to do and corrects my technique to ensure all exercises are done correctly, I can use all of my home gym kit as she finds a way to use everything to the best effect. With full instructions I am finding the sessions as good as being in the gym together." (Penny)

"I am seeing great results with our cardio and bodyweight workouts are really keeping me motivated and on track, with the extra home workouts helping me through the week when I am on my own." (Tracey)

"I am really pleased with my continued weight loss and tone through the lockdown by training with Jayne online. It really has been like having her in the room with me."


"At first I was quite nervous to try the online classes as I was not very confident in how to set up my computer to begin with, however Jayne helped me quickly and easily get set up so I was ready to take part in the classes.

I must admit that I've been very surprised by just what a challenge the Body Blast Classes have proven to be. I was rather uncertain if I would feel any benefit from doing them, but I can assure you that not only am I really enjoying the classes but afterwards I really feel as though I've done a workout, on equal par to being in the gym." (Nina)

"I am really enjoying the online workouts and the exercises we are doing in Body Blast really work the whole of my body and are challenging my fitness, also it is great to see the other ladies at the start and the end of the class, it's great to keep in touch with this friendly group of ladies." (Marie)

"I do the Body Blast and Fat Blast Classes, Jayne's instructions are very clear and she will tell us if we are doing the exercises wrong, they are helping to keep me going mentally and physically, thanks for finding a way to keep the classes going in the lock down Jayne :)." (Donna)

"I am shattered afterwards and it is hard work but Jayne really motivates me". (Jenny)