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My Apollo Fox at Arc-sous- Cicon, France


I am producing this site to share some subjects of interest to me with my friends and anyone else who may be interested. 

Among the subjects are: Brain Research, Anatomy, Book Translations and Aviation History.

So far, there are the following:

About me:

A little about me

My short CV

My publications

Brain research:

Korbinian Brodmann

My research

The camel brain:   ENHG  presentation

                                Journal of Anatomy

Charing Cross Hospital history:

Photographs, 1902-1906

The Anatomical Society:

A short history of the Anatomical Society

Archive photographs of meetings


One of my interests is the translation of books and texts from French or German, especially of scientific works  (click for details)

Aviation history and photos:

115 Sqd Air Training Corps

The Jebel Akhdar War

WWII aeroplane crashes in the UAE

Addition to WWII crashes in the UAE

Crash of RAF Wellington, Dhadnah, 1943