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MAT155 Calculus I Laboratory is a corequisite for MAT175.  It has a uniform departmental syllabus. It shares the course outcomes with MAT175 and will be assessed in conjunction with that course whenever that course is assessed.   

Math Major Outcome D regarding the use of technology is an integral component of this course.  

MAT 155 was supposed to be assessed in Fall 2011 following the uniform departmental syllabus. However in December 2011, only one adjunct voluntarily submitted the data for this course taken in Spring 2011.   This adjunct did not use the official course projects and outline.  This his data is useful only for assessing himself and not the Lehman College Course.   The assessment ambassador decided it was not worth analyzing for him.   It is unclear how much control adjuncts should have over how they choose to teach a course.  However the assessment ambassador has been informed that adjunct hiring is disjoint from assessment and that all action by adjuncts in relation to assessment is purely voluntary.   Hopefully the next time MAT 175 is assessed, there will be instructors of MAT 155 who have followed the department syllabus and used the department projects who will allow their section to be assessed.
MAT 155 will be assessed again in Fall 2013 in conjuction with the assessment of MAT175.