This website is the central hub of the assessment of the Lehman College major in Mathematics.  The goals of the mathematics major and how they connect to the required courses for the mathematics major are on the Lehman Math Outcomes Grid.  They correspond to the outcomes recommended by the MAA and used at CCNY, another senior college in the City University of New York.   Individual courses required for the major have their own webpages and can be accessed directly via the sidebar (on the left).

Syllabi and Outcomes:

The uniform syllabi for prerequisites to the major and the calculus sequence are on the Lehman College Calculus Site.  These syllabi are designed by the calculus committee and approved by the educational policy committee of the department.  Instructors will add a supplement to the syllabus with their information and their sections' grading policies based upon this template.  Uniform finals are only given in the first few classes that have many sections and are taught primarily by adjuncts. 

Syllabi for advanced courses in the math major are on the Lehman Advanced Math Courses Site and are subject to change as the professor sees fit.  Advanced mathematics courses are taught by research mathematicians who apply their particular expertise when selecting which topics to emphasize.  It is natural for these courses to vary somewhat from semester to semester.  However, professors are encouraged to use a standard template and to keep in mind the department mathematics outcomes and the bulletin description when designing their syllabi.  

Each semester we file a semester report.

Assessment Ambassadors:

Assessment Ambassador for Mathematics Major and Courses Fall 2016 - present: Brian Wynne
Assessment Ambassador for the Mathematics Major Spring 2010-Spring 2015: Christina Sormani

Assessment Reports:

The reports are organized by course (select the course number from the column on the left) and by semester (select the semester from the column on the left):

The Math Assessment Ambassador found it easier to create a website as a common repository for data and analysis rather than typing up a single report with appendices.  This website is publicly viewable.  This decision was made in 2010 by C Sormani.

Lehman College is part of the City University of New York.  This page is on google sites to allow easy interaction and editing of the documents by committees.   This site is maintained by Brian Wynne, the current Assessment Ambassador for Mathematics.