Rules and Guidelines


  • Group meeting
  • One-on-one meeting
  • Online discussion

Reports, minutes/recaps and discussion

  • Reports and minutes/recaps as well as discussion points must be archrived at the google documents
    • Reports: at least 24 hrs before the physical meetings
    • Minutes/recaps: within the meeting day
    • Discussion and tasks


  • Primary by Notification option in the google docs
  • Optional: [at]
  • Emergency: 0909690039

Miscellaneous issues

  • Planned absence/leave notice: take note on your google document and notify me by "Email collaborators" option
  • Information/data handling
    • Your results belong to the group. If you need them for other purposes, please consult with me first.
  • Personal code for team-work
    • "First time shame on you, second time shame on me": the issue/problem will not be allowed to happen at the second time (without an appropriate clarification/reasons)
    • If any issue concerns you, please discuss with me right away. Your concern is confidential.