Q1. What needs to be a good researcher?

  • A1: self-motivation, strong commitment (working hard) and curiosity

Q2. What if I do not have any virtues listed in A1?

  • A2: Probably that you are good at other things so my advice is to try other things :)

Q3. My GPA is not "high" enough, can I join your research group?

  • A3: Yes. If you have the virtues listed in A1.

Q4. What if I sent several emails to you, but no response is from you?

  • A4: Try harder, shoot me more emails, even give me a call or catch me whenever seeing me.

Q5. Are there other ways to learn more about the group and yourself?

  • A5: Yes. Please talk to my group members, my TAs and even other faculty members/staff.