Q1. What needs to be a good researcher?

  • A1: self-motivation, strong commitment (working hard), and curiosity.

Q2. What if I do not have any virtues listed in A1?

  • A2: Probably that you are good at other things, so my advice is to try other things :)

Q3. My GPA is not "high" enough, can I join your research group?

  • A3: Of course, yes. If you have the virtues listed in A1.

Q4. What if I sent several emails to you, but no response is from you?

  • A4: Try harder, shoot me more emails, even give me a call or catch me whenever seeing me.

Q5. Are there other ways to learn more about the group and yourself?

  • A5: Yes. Please talk to my group members, my TAs and even other faculty members/staff.

Q6. If I am currently involved in a project in a different group and I really want to join your research project, what should I do?

  • A6: The rule is "One at a time", and this is a serious issue! Please talk to your supervisor in the other group to terminate your project officially. If not, you are not eligible to join the group. So my advice is to pick the one you really want to work on and stick with it; enjoy it!