Association Committees

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved please call 960-0348 for more details.

A committee can be one of the most productive tools that an association has to work with. Whether one is chairing a committee or is a committee member, her or she faces the challenge of getting involved in the work the committee was formed to accomplish.

A committee member's contribution and participation on the committee will determine its success or failure. If committee members participate, get involved, and encourage others on the committee to do so, the committee will be successful. Enthusiasm is contagious.

The findings of a committee have a direct impact on the decisions made by the officers and the board of directors of the association. The energy a committee member puts into your work on the committee has a direct influence on the direction your association takes.

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1. The committees of the Association shall consist of the President, a committee chairperson, and such members as may be necessary to perform its designated task.

2. Committee membership is not limited to members of the board. Such committee membership conveys the power vote in committee on matters before the committee, but not on matters reserved to the Board.

3. The President shall appoint committee chairpersons. The Board must accept and confirm said chairpersons. The chairperson shall appoint other committee members. Committee members do not have to be accepted and confirmed by the Board.