About the Association

Welcome to the official website for the Laketown Neighborhood Association of Springfield, Illinois where you will find up-to-date news and activities happening in the Laketown subdivision and surrounding area.

Vision: The Laketown Neighborhood Association works for the improvement of the neighborhood known as "Laketown" by empowering members to work together to pursue shared goals.

Mission: To promote public safety, foster a positive environment, encourage mutually beneficial social activities, preserve and beautify the character and environment of the Laketown neighborhood.

The present Association was founded in 1980 and is formed of residents, business, churches, and other members who work for the improvement of the neighborhood know as “Laketown”. Neighborhood improvement shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the promotion of public safety, the fostering of a positive environment, the encouragement of mutually beneficial social activities, and the preservation and beautification of the neighborhood character and environment.

What we need to continue this ongoing success, in one word, is "participation."

Neighborhood associations are successful when neighbors share dreams and visions, when they feel empowered to pursue these shared goals, and when they are active in pursuing them. If you live in Laketown, but have not been part of that process, please join us by becoming a member!

At $20.00 per year, it’s quite the deal. More paid members = more community involvement, more neighborhood events, more public safety, more beautification projects, more voice when expressing zoning and annex issues…. Having an organized and connected neighborhood benefits the residents of Laketown in so many ways.

If you are not yet an Association member, we hope you consider joining.