Kunal Narayan Chaudhury

Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science

mail: kunal@iisc.ac.in

Kunal Chaudhury is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, where he heads the Lab for Imaging Sciences and Algorithms. His primary research interest is in computational imaging, computer vision, and machine learning, with a focus on numerical optimization and fast algorithms. He has worked in areas ranging from wavelet algorithms to kernel filtering, and from regularization methods in imaging to semidefinite programming for multiview reconstruction. He is a Senior Member of IEEE, a member of SIAM and IEEE Signal Processing Society, and a Senior Editor of the SPIE Journal of Electronic Imaging.


  • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science.
  • Postdoc., Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University.
  • PhD, Computer, Communication, and Information Sciences, EPFL.
  • Research Engineer, Siemens Corporate Technology.
  • ME, System Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science.
  • BE, Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University.


  • Computational Imaging.
  • Approximation Methods.
  • Continuous Optimization.
  • Deep Learning.

Recent Publications

  • Plug-and-play ISTA converges with kernel denoisers (IEEE SPL 2020).
  • On uniquely registrable networks (IEEE TNSE 2019).
  • Least-squares registration of point sets over SE(d) using closed-form projections (CVIU 2019).
  • Fast high-dimensional kernel filtering (IEEE SPL 2019).


  • Computational Linear Algebra.
  • Convex Optimization and Applications.