Kunal Narayan Chaudhury

Assistant Professor (Electrical Engineering)
Indian Institute of Science

Education & Experience
  • Research Associate, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Princeton University.
  • Ph.D., Computer, Communication, and Information Sciences, EPFL. 
  • Research Engineer, Siemens Corporate Technology.
  • M.E., System Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science.
  • B.E., Electrical Engineering, Jadavpur University.

  • Algorithms for Image and Video Processing.
  • Convex Optimization Models and Fast Solvers.  
  • Sensor Network Localization. 
  • Protein Structure Calculation using NMR.

Selected Publications
  • Fast and provably accurate bilateral filtering (IEEE TIP 2016)
  • Global registration of point clouds using semidefinite programming (SIOPT 2015).
  • Non-local Euclidean medians (IEEE SPL 2012)
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  • New course on "Matrix Analysis and Computations" during August-December 2016 ...
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