2019 KrAIS Research Workshop

Munich, Germany

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Join us for the 2019 KrAIS Research Workshop in Munich, Germany

On behalf of the many members, former co-chairs and advisory members, we invite you to Munich for the 10th Annual KrAIS Workshop. As a chapter of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) serving AIS members with Korean heritage, the Korean Chapter of the Association for Information Systems (KrAIS) aims to promote the scholarship of its members. The mission of the KrAIS Research Workshop is to provide a forum where its members can exchange ideas and information and promote possible collaboration among its members. In particular, the annual workshop has put great efforts in helping graduate students and junior faculty members improve their research and develop scholarship through close interactions with peers and senior faculty members.

The inaugural workshop was first held in St. Louis, Missouri in 2010 with a humble 52 participants. The workshop has steadily grown, and now has come of age. KrAIS has over 250 members, and the annual workshop regularly attracts over 100 members. The number of presentations has also been steadily growing, from 16 in 2010 to over 30 in 2018. Some of the papers presented and discussed at the annual workshop have now been published in a variety of outlets, including Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Journal of MIS, Operations Research, Information & Management, and Journal of Information Technology, to name a few. These records demonstrate that the workshop has been a fruitful venue to participating members, energizing the community by cultivating communication and collaboration among doctoral students, junior and senior faculty members, and providing a variety of opportunities to enhance the quality of early stage research.

Papers at the workshop will be discussed in parallel interactive roundtable paper sessions. In addition to the traditional paper sessions, since 2014, the workshop includes a paper development session with a few selected high quality papers. This special session is prepared to further enhance the research capabilities and increase the international visibility of KrAIS members.

Participants at KrAIS events engage with scholars from different schools, nations, and continents, while developing relationships for future collaborative research, exploring important research questions, seeking / sharing professional advice on career development, and most importantly building long lasting friendships.

We hope to continue this tradition at this year's workshop in Munich, Germany

Workshop Program Co-Chairs

DongBack Seo

Chungbuk National University, Korea

Minseok Pang

Temple University, USA

Younghoon Chang

Beijing Institute of Technology, China