Slaughterbridge, Nr Camelford, Cornwall

On a stream bed at Slaughterbridge, just off the B 3314 between Camelford and Tintagel, lies a sixth century inscribed stone said to mark the spot where King Arthur met Mordred for the decisive battle of Camlann, which brought to an end the fellowship of the Round Table.  The fierce battle is said to have turned the small river red with the blood of slain men, whilst Arthur and Mordred fought a hand-to-hand battle across the river bridge.  Arthur slew Mordred but had already received a fatal wound from Mordred’s poisoned sword, which, in minutes, saw him stagger to his death.   Mordred is portrayed as a figure representing evil and spoken of in some stories as the illegitimate son of Arthur and his half sister Morgan le Fay.


The area has yielded up information that Slaughterbridge, on the River Camel, was undoubtedly, the site of a ferocious battle in ancient times; though, whether this was the Battle of Camlann in 542 is open to speculation.

Nearby is the Arthurian Centre with exhibition room, gift shop and tea rooms. The exhibition has been developed over several years. Its beginning was inspired by the colourful array of knightly shields decorating the Queen’s Robing Room in the Palace of Westminster.

The collection of display panels, photographs, illustrations, texts and specially commissioned paintings embrace 1,500 years of legend. The exhibition is a collection of stories told against a background of clashing cultures and religious ideas all illuminated by works of art and poetry.

The Arthurian Centre   Slaughterbridge, Camelford, North Cornwall.  Telephone: 01840 212450

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