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I am a Professor in Economics at the Faculty of Economics, Keio University in Japan.  

Prior to that, I was Associate Professor in Economics at Durham University (link) in the UK and the Director of the Experimental Methods in Business Research Centre at Durham University Business School.  Before coming to the UK, I was Assistant Professor in Economics at Bowling Green State University in the USA.  I hold a PhD in Economics from Brown University (link).

I am currently a research associate at RIETI (link) and a fellow at Kansai University's research institute (link) in Japan.

E-mail: kenju.kamei[at] gmail.com; kenju.kamei[at]keio.jp

My fields are: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Business Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy.

Please see the "Research" page for the list of my publications and working papers. 

(in Durham, United Kingdom)

I am interested in supervising PhD students if you want to write dissertations in experimental economics (including but not limited to experimental political economy and experimental organizational economics).

When I was at Durham University, I conducted a number of experimental projects at various universities - the University of York, Durham University, Newcastle University, University of Copenhagen, Brown University, Kansai University and Waseda University.

When I was at Bowling Green State University, I conducted my experiments at the School of Information at the University of Michigan, and at Brown University.

(November 2018 before running an experiment in the EXEC laboratory at York)

PhD advisees in Durham: (a) Mr. Matthew Walker [placed at Newcastle University as Lecturer (Assistant Professor, tenure-track) in 2021], (b) Mr. Artem Nesterov [placed at Durham University as Assistant Professor in 2022], (c) Ms. Katy Tabero [won the Faculty of Business Annual PhD Thesis Prize in Durham University for excellent work, graduated in 2023, now a research fellow at Univ. Southampton]. 

PhD advisees in Keio: (a) Mr. Masaya Nishihata (1st year student)

I am working on collaborative projects with my students.