K-Circle Quizzes

K-Circle conducts the following types of quizzes.

  1. The regular club quizzes, which are for teams and open to all, i.e., any non-member and other enthusiasts. These are booked, tracked, and conducted per this roster. Bookmark the roster and check it for the schedule.

  2. The club league called Arre Bhai is for individuals, i.e., not teams,

  3. An annual invitational school quiz for teams, which is a fun filled half-day event with 100s students in attendance,

  4. An inter-club quiz fest for teams, called "Kaikuu", which is attended by teams from Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

  5. Externally-set quizzes like WQC (World Quizzing Championship, individual), Mahaquizzer (individual, driven by KQA), Mega-Whats (teams, driven by KQA), etc., are at times hosted by KC in Hyderabad, for adding local participation.