About K-Circle

In 1972, a group of quiz-inclined individuals decided to meet once a week for a quiz. They called themselves K-Circle. What does the K stand for? Knowledge some say, though nobody’s sure - and what’s more, nobody’s bothered! All in keeping with our policy of nonchalance!

K-Circle is today India's oldest quiz club, and is based in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Every weekend, it facilitates lively, engaging and informally informative quiz sessions that anybody is welcome to attend.

A motley group, K-Circle is open to members of all ages. A truly informal club, we don’t even have a form for new entrants to fill. No frills, no badges, no pins/medals, no passwords. . . if you come in late, you just may have to perch on the window sill, but that's about it!

We, at the club are equally adept at conducting and winning quizzes. K-Circle quizzes have the well-deserved reputation of being thoroughly researched, highly interesting and innovative (far removed from the mugging-from-GK books sort of quiz that is all too common hereabouts).

KC is the melting-pot of a huge array of interests - Rock could mean an inspired piece by Led Zeppelin to one and a lump of sandstone to another . . . One guy knows Icarus better than he knows his neighbour; to the others he’s just another book on their agenda...

WWW stands for Whoa! Wild West! just as much as World Wide Web . . . Echo has the physics don explaining waves while the etymology buff thinks of the cursed maiden.

For all their differences, we’re ever ready to applaud anything quiz worthy.

Do swing by for one of our weekly sessions, for you will certainly be hooked! Information regarding upcoming sessions are updated on the website, as well as our Facebook group. You can also add yourself to our subscribers' mailing list by sending an email to kckcircle@gmail.com

Setting Quizzes:

Use this template, or something with similar contrast and visibility, to set quizzes.