Welcome to K-Circle

Founded circa 1972 in Secunderabad, K-Circle is India's oldest continuously functioning, registered quiz club.

Fifty years on, with over 2600 quizzes (over 5200 hours of quizzing!) conducted by 1000s of members, we're as strong as ever 😊

This site has basic info on venue, schedule, special events, and our quiz template. Live updates are posted on social media, follow the platform of your choice using the footer links.

Venue for weekly quizzes: Top floor conference room of Columbus Hospital, Begumpet, Secunderabad: Click here for Google map location
By metro: The Prakash Nagar stop on the blue line is a 5 min walk away.

Important links:
* The KC roster, which shows booked quizzes & the open QM slots.
* Ppt template to set your quiz. It is optimised for our viewing conditions.
* Subscribe to our digital yearbooks to get curated quizzes and support the club.

Quizzing is a great hobby. Do it with KC!

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Email: kckcircle@gmail.com

Mobile/WhatsApp: (+91) 99495 61972