KB3AWQ Repeater

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W3AHS Dot COM / KB3AWQ Dot COM - Williamsport, PA Amateur Radio Repeater W3AHS 147.300 and KB3AWQ Repeater 444.900

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W3AHS 147.300 + PL 151.4 hz

is RF linked by a UHF radio and NHRC-5 Controller to

KB3AWQ 444.900 + PL 173.8 hz

is linked by Allstarlink to

52.490 FM Simplex PL 173.8 and 29.600 Simplex PL 100.0

The PL tone is on both receive and transmit on all equipment so feel free to program it in that way.

KB3AWQ-R Echolink Node # 277377

To Connect from Allstarlink, connect to Node 513963 which is the Hub as this accepts incoming connections for the system.

To listen to the live audio stream of

the KB3AWQ System

No matter which frequency you talk on you will come out on the other transmitters

Williamsport, PA - Lycoming County - FN11lf58

Below you can add View and Add a signal report for 444.900

The 444.900 Repeater is two Kenwood TK-8180H Mobiles set to 50 watts using Wacom BPBR duplexers and a Diamond X-50A antenna with 1/2 inch hardline.

The 6 meter radio is a Kenwood TK-6110 turned down to 50 watts, using LMR-400 and a DB-212 antenna.

Visit W3AHS.com for other information of the system

National Weather Service Radar

Coverage maps of the W3AHS Repeater

Support of the hobby and this system. Since inception in 2001 we have not had dues paying membership as the plan was to keep things going by donation since that's how it all began anyway. Donations are always welcome as there are some expenses as the site for the 6 meter and UHF repeater site is not free and of course neither is equipment to be fixed or upgraded. Contact KB3AWQ for more information.

News and Old News

12/11/15 - The 444.900 Repeater now has a Advanced Receiver Research P432VDG Preamp - working very well

12/9/17 - Kenwood TK-6110 installed for 6 meters and is also modded for 10 meters.

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