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Echolink for the repeaters is located at KB3AWQ's home Williamsport, PA. Using an Icom 2100 VHF hooked to the computer and a 1/4 wave mag mount to get the signal to the W3AHS Repeater on 147.300 PL 151.4 at the repeater at Williamsport Area High School. - Enjoy!

Visit for more info on using from your computer or cellphone. Whoever you connect to it shows that W3AHS connected to them but the normal FCC rules apply. ID when entering commands on repeaters and after connecting to a node. Even when kerchunking a repeater your suppose to ID before going to the next one. 73 and have fun!

W3AHS Node Numbers

W3AHS - 277375 - Nothing at this time

W3AHS-L - 277376 - Nothing at this time

***W3AHS-R 277377 - linked to W3AHS 147.300 Repeater PL 151.4 at Williamsport Area High School.

From the Repeater Side...

Note: The id and courtesy tones at times come through over Echolink. Some frown on this especially when it is a net or linked to several systems, just keep in this in mind as our setup passes everything that is heard on 147.300.

444.900 PL 173.8 repeater and 51.520 PL 173.8 Simplex are linked in full-time also.

To connect to a node... enter # followed by the node number to who you wish to connect to.

To Disconnect... Enter #73 (default is #)

To Disconnect All.... Enter #74 (default is # #)

Query By Call.... N/A

Query By Node...... N/A

Random Conference...... Enter N/A

Random Fav Conf.... Enter N/A

Random Fav Link... Enter N/A

Random Fav Node..... Enter N/A

Random Fav User..... Enter N/A

Random link...... Enter N/A

Random Node...... Enter N/A

Random User.... Enter N/A

Play info Enter # *411

Reconnect to the Last Connection... Enter #69

Status..... Enter #511

EchoTest Conference to test your audio and have it repeated back..... Enter #9999

or enter 06 and unkey then give up to 11 seconds of audio and unkey.

KB3AWQ - 196218 -Computer or Cell Phone

KB3AWQ-L - 276429 - none

KB3AWQ-R - 277145 - none