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June 2020 - Allstar was added in addition to Echolink with using a Raspberry Pi 2 for the 6 meter and 440 repeaters.  A pi 3b+ is being used as a hub, located at KB3AWQ's house

Visit for more info on using from your computer or cellphone, the normal FCC rules apply.  ID when entering commands on repeaters and after connecting to a node. Even when kerchunking a repeater, you're supposed to ID before going to the next one.  73 and have fun!

KB3AWQ-L Echolink Node # 549933 is currently not in use.

KB3AWQ-R Echolink Node # 277377 is being used 


Allstarlink Node #'s 

513960–444.900 PL 173.8 Repeater 

513961–29.560 PL 173.8 Repeater RX 

513962–29.660 PL 173.8 Repeater TX 

513964–53.050 Repeater Receive site PL 131.8 

513963 - Hub server is for ALL incoming connections.  

  444.900 PL 173.8 Repeater, 53.050 Repeater PL 131.8 and 29.660 Repeater PL 173.8 are linked together through Allstar and 147.300 is RF linked to 444.900 - All four full-time linked to each other in the end.

AllStarlink Standard Commands

This section contains the suggested prefix digits, mandatory command codes, and suggested command codes for Allstar Link. 

Prefix Digit Suggestions

Prefix Functions

*1Disconnect Link 

*2Monitor Link 

*3Connect Link 

*4Command Mode 

*5 Macros

*6User Functions 

*7Connection Status/Functions 

*8User Functions 

*9User Functions 

*0User Functions 

Mandatory Command Codes

These are the mandatory command codes which all Allstar Link nodes must support to provide command code consistency to the users. Command Code Description

*1nodeDisconnect Link 

*2nodeConnect link in monitor mode 

*3nodeConnect link in transcieve mode 

*4nodeEnter command mode on a remote node 

*70Local connection status 

*99DTMF Phone Key (Assert PTT from Phone Portal) 


node is an Allstar Link node number

Node number zero (0) is shorthand for the last node operated on by a previous command

Monitor mode means listen to a node, but do not send any audio to it

Command mode means to send all received DTMF digits to the node number specified (bypassing the local command decoder). Send # to exit command mode, and restore local command decoding.

Optional Command Codes

Command Code Description *80Force System ID 

*81 Say System Time and current weather and temperature

*980 Say app_rpt software version 

*75 Link Connect (Local Monitor Only) 

*72 Last active node (system-wide) 

*73 System-wide connection status 

*71 Disconnect all links (macro) 

*74 Reconnect all links (macro) 

*80 Force System ID

*80# time and ID

*82 24hr time

*83 Say Day

*84 Say Day and Date

*85 WX Conditions at KIPT

*86 WX Conditions at 444.900

*87 Time and Temp at 444.900

 disconnect link = *1<nodenumber>

monitor link(RX ONLY) = *2<nodenumber>

 connect link transceive = *3<nodenumber>

 remote command = *4<node>

 execute macro = *5<macro#>

 system status =*70

 disconnect permanently connected link = *71<node number

 connect link permanent monitor = *72<nodenumber>

 connect link permanent transceive = *73<nodenumber>

 play full system status = *75

 disconnect all links = *76

  reconnect previously disconnected links = *77

 permanently monitor link as local Monitor only= *78

 *80 = ID (local)

*81= Time of Day (local) and weather conditions

 *82 = Say 24 hour time 

*951= Permanent link disconnect

*952= Permanent link receive

*953= Permanent link transcieve

*912= system warm boot 


*913=test tone - toggles 1000 Hz tone

*979= Parrot once - enter *979 and talk without unkeying

*973 Touch tone pad test *973numberstotest# 

*968= RX CTCSS Enable turns PL on *968 

*969 RX CTCSS Disable turns PL off *969


Note:  Below is Pre June 1, 2020 

Echolink for the repeaters is located at KB3AWQ's home in Williamsport, PA. Using an Icom 2100 VHF hooked to the computer and a 1/4 wave mag mount to get the signal to the W3AHS Repeater on 147.300 PL 151.4 at the repeater at Williamsport Area High School.

To connect to a node... enter # followed by the node number to who you wish to connect to.

To Disconnect... Enter #73   (default is #)

To Disconnect All.... Enter #74   (default is # #)

Query By Call.... N/A

Query By Node...... N/A

Random Conference...... Enter N/A

Random Fav Conf.... Enter N/A

Random Fav Link... Enter N/A

Random Fav Node..... Enter N/A

Random Fav User..... Enter N/A

Random link...... Enter N/A

Random Node...... Enter N/A

Random User.... Enter N/A

Play info Enter # *411

Reconnect to the Last Connection... Enter #69

Status..... Enter #511

Echo Test Conference to test your audio and have it repeated back..... Enter #9999 

or enter 06 and unkey then give up to 11 seconds of audio and unkey on the 147.300 repeater side only.

KB3AWQ - 196218 -Computer or Cell Phone