Currently ECHOLINK is the only thing running.  No addons so no weather or voice announcement features.

EchoLink Website | Link Status(whos connected) | Download Echolink | Take A Tour of Echolink | Click Here for the Atomic Clock "The Official Time For the United States"

The echolink link is setup at KB3AWQ's home in the West End of Williamsport, PA. Using an Icom 2100 dual VHF hooked to the computer 1/4 wave mag mount to get the signal to the W3AHS Repeater on 147.300 PL 151.4 at the repeater at Williamsport Area High School.  - Enjoy!

Visit for more info or if you want to use echolink from your computer. Whoever you connect to it shows that W3AHS connected to them but the normal FCC rules apply, ID when entering commands and when connecting to a node with the exception of waiting a few seconds to see if the node is in use. 73 and have fun!

W3AHS Node Numbers

W3AHS - 277375 - Nothing at this time

W3AHS-L - 277376 - Nothing at this time

***W3AHS-R 277377 - linked to W3AHS 147.300 Repeater PL 151.4 at Williamsport Area High School.

From the Repeater Side...

To connect to a node... enter the node number to who you wish to connect to.

To Disconnect... Enter 73 (default is #)

To Disconnect All.... Enter 74 (default is # #)

To Play Repeater, Echolink, and Echotime Info... Enter * *

Query By Call.... Enter 07

Query By Node...... Enter 06

Random Conference...... Enter 02

Random Fav Conf.... Enter 021

Random Fav Link... Enter 011

Random Fav Node..... Enter 001

Random Fav User..... Enter 031

Random link...... Enter 01

Random Node...... Enter 00

Random User.... Enter 03

Play info Enter * * (This has been replaced with # 88 which is down further on the page, * * now just says Echolink W3AHS. This was done to use the text to speech on the echotime program instead of the a .wav file on the echolink program).

Reconnect to the Last Connection... Enter 69

Status..... Enter 41 or #41

EchoTest Conference to test your audio and have it repeated back..... Enter 9999 or 123

KB3AWQ - 196218 -

KB3AWQ-L - 276429 -

KB3AWQ-R - 277145 -