GMRS Repeater

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The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) Repeater I have in Williamsport, PA is located on Skyline Drive (Bald Eagle Mountain just south of Williamsport) on the frequency of 462.675 using 50 watts. The input frequency for you as a GMRS user to program into your radio to transmit on is 467.675 and 462.675 as the receive frequency. The CTCSS/PL tone is 141.3 which is needed to open the squelch to use the repeater and this tone can be programmed for receive and transmit which is recommended but at least must be programmed to transmit. As of November 22, 2015 we now have http://www.WQGU515.com for a website address as well.

Approx. Repeater Coverage Map OR this link if the other isn't showing the actual signal information (color)

You must have your GMRS license or be covered under a family members license to transmit on the repeater or any GMRS frequency which information on this can be found on the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) website. The license was $70 but on April 19, 2022 it will cost $35 for 10 years and this includes you and your family. You will receive an FCC Callsign after you apply for the license and the GMRS licensed person or their family member that is covered under the license is to say the callsign every 15 minutes while in use and at the end of your use. GMRS users should be familiar with the FCC rules and follow them and know the callsign they are under to be authorized to operate.

Click this link to find out more information about GMRS and getting your license https://www.fcc.gov/general/general-mobile-radio-service-gmrs

My callsign is WQGU515 which is also what the repeater identifies itself by in voice or morse code. GMRS Repeaters are not required to identify like ham radio repeaters are but it is good to do so. This is up to the GMRS user to ID themselves while using the repeater. Any questions etc feel free to contact me by email WQGU515@ KB3AWQ.com or WQGU515@ WQGU515.com

Allstar link to mygmrs network and USGMRS