Kirtland Air Force Base Riders
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Welcome to Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Heartland for riding the Great Southwest.  
We at Kirtland have made it our priority to ensure all of our riders have access to all required and recommended tools and trainings necessary for a safe and fun ride.
Kirtland offers several Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) certified courses to include the Basic Rider Course (BRC), Basic Rider Course 2 U (BRC2U) formerly known as Experienced Rider Course, and the Advanced Rider Course/Military Sport Bike Rider Course (MSRC); each proudly instructed multiple times throughout the year by our 19 MSF Certified RiderCoaches.
Many times during the riding season, Squadrons put together small mentorship rides designed for small groups to build skills, techniques, as well as have fun. The 377th Wing also put together larger Base Mentorship Rides to bring all of the riders together as a team building experience as well as an opportunity for our riders to enjoy the roads and the ride that New Mexico has to offer.
This site was designed to provide all riders a central point to access all the necessary information needed, from signing up for a Motorcycle Safety Course, to providing Unit Reps access to necessary safety tracking sites. Riders can plan for trips as well as check for any safety recalls that may have been reported for their motorcycle. Riders can sign up for courses by following the date link below.
Keep track of our News and Announcements as they will contain key data on upcoming events, times, and places. Participated in one of our events or would like to see how one that you may have missed went? Please take a look at our picture gallery; see who you may know and or the large variety of motorcycles that are here at Kirtland.
So save this link to your favorites, access what you need from here, and pass on the word to anyone who wants or plans on riding the South West to see what Kirtland Riders are doing. Just remember before you climb onto your machine, Be Smart, Get Trained, Wear All Your Gear & Ride Safe.
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There are changes to the BRC program.  Read Course description / requirements before you sign up.






Basic RiderCourse





15 hours

 Perfect for beginning or returning riders, the Basic RiderCourse is designed to be an introduction t...View More 


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Basic RiderCourse II U



6 hours 


Formerly known as the Experienced RiderCourse (or ERC), the BRC II utilizes a student's own bike to ...View More


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Advanced RiderCourse



8 hours 


This course is open to all types of motorcycles. This fast-paced one-day course will refine a rider's cornering, braking, and crash-avoidance skills ... View More


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