I am seeking the seat vacated for personal reasons by David Englin (D).  First, I thank David for his service and wish him well on his future endeavors.

Although David has already endorsed another candidate, I note the following on his website:

"As one of the most progressive communities in the Commonwealth, the 45th District should be represented by somebody who is willing to stand up without fear to the anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-immigrant extremist social agenda being foisted by House Republicans."

I wish whoever is reading this to know that I represent and reflect these positions.  I strongly believe in marriage equality and relaxed immigration laws.  I applaud David's accomplishments on these issues.  I also share socially-minded people's goals of quality education, a practical drug policy, and privacy rights.

In addition to my strongly "progressive" social views, I hold strongly "conservative" fiscal views -- meaning that in order to reach the common goals we all share, I think an element of competition is the best way to produce effective results.  To that end, I also advocate minimal taxes and reduced regulation.  Please see the platform section for more information.

Again, I wish David well in the next chapter of his life and ask for the support of like-minded voters who are socially tolerant and fiscally responsible.