We live in a world where financial mismanagement is rewarded with taxpayer-funded bailouts.  I do not subscribe to this philosophy, regardless of the institution that needs assistance.  That is, I believe that throwing money at a problem does not work.  Only increased competition can generate improved results.  More specifically:

  • Taxes and regulation - High taxes stifle economic growth and starve the productive private sector of scarce resources.  Similarly, too much regulation burdens small businesses with disproportionate costs of compliance.  I advocate minimal taxes and reduced regulation.

  • Marriage equality  The LGBT community and the LP are a natural fit.  If you are tired of unfulfilled promises, consider joining the LP.  I strongly support equal rights in our government institutions including the right for any two people to marry, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. 

  • Security - Governor Bob McDonnell was quoted as supporting the use of military-style drones to help local police monitor the commonwealth.  Are we really so unsafe that such expensive and intrusive measures are necessary?  I strongly oppose police-state measures.  

  • Drug policy - Alcohol prohibition created crime.  Apply the same logic to recreational drugs and it should be obvious that policing marijuana does nothing to reduce use and comes at an enormous expense to the taxpayer.

  • Education - Everyone knows that despite the endless money we throw at the government education system, test scores still languish.  Whether test scores even accurately reflect ability is yet another question.  We need to introduce school choice, realign compensation, and eliminate tenure in our public schools.  We should not waste additional scarce resources on the current education system until such changes are implemented.

  • Transportation - I support High Occupancy Toll lanes (HOT) in contrast to High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (HOV).  Fortunately, the beltway finally appears to be moving in that direction.  Regarding highway funding , tolls make much more sense than taxes because drivers who use the highways are responsible for the cost to maintain them.

  • Immigration - Almost all of us have ancestors who immigrated to this country.  Immigrants come to this country to work, and their productivity is shared by all consumers in the form of increased disposable income and a higher standard of living.  We should not waste scarce resources and destroy economic value that is the result of trying to (unsuccessfully) control immigration.  

  • Gun control - As the saying goes, "outlaw guns and the only people with guns will be the outlaws".  Let's keep guns legal in Virginia.

  • Woman's right to choose - I believe that the issue of pro-choice versus pro-life is the only complex issue that we as a people face.  The complexity centers on whether civil rights of one person (the woman) or two people (the woman and the fetus) exist.  That is, when does life begin?  I respect differing opinions on this issue and support a practical approach regarding normal, healthy pregnancies -- namely, I believe a woman has a right to choose for a gestation period of up to 13 weeks, after which the fetus should be considered a person with his or her own right to life.