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Justin Malkin

Main Principle - Empowering you!

I believe in empowering individuals to make their own decisions.  At the same time, with this freedom, individuals must be responsible for their own actions.

Today, power keeps rising to the highest level of government.  I will fight to return whatever powers possible to the state level.  Regarding powers that exist at the state level, I will endeavor to return as many powers as possible to the local level.

In short, I want you to live free and pursue happiness.

Special Election

On July 25, Governor Bob McDonnell announced that Virginia will hold two special elections on September 4 to fill the seats of the late Senator Yvonne Miller (D-Norfolk) and Delegate David Englin (D-Alexandria), who resigned.

I am running as a Libertarian for the Virginia General Assembly, representing the 45th District in the House of Delegates.  Please review my remarks for more information.