The treasurer of the AAUSL organization handles registration checks, refunds, and other problems that arise and issues payments and reimbursements to support league activities.  The treasurer tracks the money coming in and out so that he can dispense financial advice for providing support to all league activities. 
Generally, to make a refund, it depends on how the person originally paid.  If the person paid via paypal, I would login to my account on the AAUSL webpage and also login to AAUSL's paypal account.  On AAUSL webpage, I would click to the registration status, find the person and note that date that they registered.   I would search our paypal account for the person's payment on that date.  After locating the person, I would click on the transaction and follow the steps to issue a refund.  The refund option is no longer available 60 days after the original  payment.  If that is the case, I would paypal the refund to the email address from where the payment originated.  If the person paid by check, I would issue them a check.
For the annual report, I just accumulate and summarize our accounts data and try to draw some conclusions.  Depending on my availability, I try to develop a report once a year.  I also try to send it through a draft phase incorporating any comments I receive.

Normally, I get asked what the price of the league should be....and knowing how leagues have performed in the past and knowing how the prices of the different costs (fields, insurance, shirts, etc.) have changed, I can offer recommendations on whether the price should be raised or stay the same or go down!
The time commitment involved with the treasurer position is 1 to 2 hours per week, although this time ramps up a fair bit during registration periods.
Contact: Juggles