Jubilee on Tour

Jubilee has performed at many International Dance and Music Festivals, representing the USA at public, educational, and official events, including:

A dance tour for Jubilee means performances on large outdoor festival stages and in small theaters, on town squares and in beer gardens, for children's groups and nursing homes, conducting dance workshops for all ages, and dancing in festive parades through flag-bedecked towns.  Our traveling group, which numbers about 25 people, including an amazing band of musicians, stays with other dance groups in school dormitories or with families, enjoying the hospitality and culture of our hosts  - to say nothing experiencing wonderful local cuisine.  Below are photo collages of recent tours, and also links to two light-hearted videos capturing the tour experience.

Photos of Jubilee's Summer 2016 Tour of Portugal (click to enlarge)

Jubilee on tour in the Czech Republic 2015 (click to enlarge)