Poland 2024

Mexico 2022

1. Mexico Travel Info Flight and hotel information

2. Map of Mexico — Showing cities & towns we will visit

3. Tourist Info - Mexico — Info about itinerary, weather and the cities we will visit. 

4. Things to do before you leave - about passports, tourist cards, health insurance, COVID tests

5. Facebook page for festival organizer

6. Tour Duties

7. Mexico Festival agenda - itinerary and performance schedule (Dale's abbreviated English version)

North Macedonia 2019

1. 2019 North Macedonia Travel Info — Flight and hotel info, tentative schedule

Drone video of Istibanja — Enjoy this person's seemingly first attempt at drone video. Suggest you play it at double speed to save time & heighten the effect. 

North Macedonia Tour - Hotel & Festival Contact Info — From Becky's email

IMG_2059.MOV — Groups gather on the green. (This, and all the N. Macedonia videos were shot by Vida Prater - thank you, Vida!)

IMG_2106.MOV — Parade 

IMG_2129.MOV — "Hey, Good Looking" by our band.

IMG_2130.MOV — Daisy's Clog

IMG_2383.MOV — Roadhouse

IMG_2436.MOV — Running Set

Romania 2018

3. 2018 Romanian Tour Travel Info — Flight schedules, with arrival times 

1. Romanian Travel Tips — What to see & do, history and culture, tips from Jubilee members. 

2. Romania Tour Itinerary — Becky's latest schedule of events for the tour, plus list of costumes and possible performance numbers

Bill’s Photos from Romania — A document with links to all of Bill's photo albums from the Romania tour. 

Buzau Festivalul international de Dansuri Folclorice "PLAIURILE MIORITEI" — Thursday, Jul 26 - Sunday, Jul 29 I haven't found a website or Facebook page for the Buzau fest; this is a news site about the 2017 event. 

Sibiu - International Folklore Festival "Cantecele Muntilor" — Thursday, Aug 2nd to Monday, Aug 6th. Website for the Sibiu "Mountain Songs" festival. Google Chrome translate works better than selecting the English option.  

Portugal 2016

Bill's Photos of Portugal

2016 Jubilee Tour Info — About the festivals, things to see & do

2016 Portugal Tour Duties

2016 Portugal Tour Travel Info — Airline arrival/departure info, hotel info

Portugal video YouTube Channel — Created by Bill for posting your tour videos.

Proclamation - Paranhos — The text of the proclamation signed by Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland to the people of Paranhos da Beira.  Varies from what Mitch wrote initially. 

Czech Republic 2015

Czech Tour 2015 Flight/Hotel/Contact Info

Czech Tour Duties — List of tour duties (seamstress, cobbler, first aid, etc) and who's assigned to that duty. 

Czech Travel Tips — Info on things to do, food, beer, culture, language.

Mal's Video of 2015 Czech Tour

Bill's Flikr albums of France & Czech Republic

Bill's YouTube Channel — Bill Euphrat's videos of the Czech tour plus videos from Gannat.

Tour meeting May 16, 2015 — Lew's notes from meeting at Carol's house.

France 2014

Flavors of America video — Link to a news video about cooking with Coke.  Nice shots of Robin & Bill.

Gannat 2014 Festival Program.pdf — Official Program with details on the 14 performing groups, a map of the venues, a general calendar and ticket price list.  In French - get used to it. 

Gannat Parade news video — News video featuring the parade. Only a flash of Jubilee around the 1 minute mark.

Gannat USA Day Flyer.pdf — Gannat Festival Flyer for "USA Day", July 22, 2014

Coq au Coke.pdf — A feature article of the Bill & Robin cooking with Coke.

Costume List - Men Gannat 2014.pdf — From Ruth's email of 6/17/2014 

Costume List - Women Gannat 2014.pdf — From Ruth's email of 6/17/2014

Itinerary for Gannat Tour — Sent from Marie-Agnes of the Festival, as of March 2014.

July 17th Performance at Eschassiere, France — Video by Bill Euphrat

July 18th Performance at Festival du Monde — Video by Bill Euphrat

Link to 2014 Gannat Festival Website — The Google Chrome browser will translate the French language website into English (after a fashion).

Mal's photos of Jubilee at Festival du Monde

Photo montage of Festival Parade — Jubilee shows up at about the 1:29 mark of the video.

Melissa Wilson's photos — A few nice general photos of the Festival by an Australian photographer. Jubilee featured in the second one.

Some Faces video — Video of performing groups gathering in the park before the parade.  Jubilee folks appear at the 1:55 mark.

Press Reviews from Gannat.pdf — Clippings from the local French newspaper about goings-on at the Festival.  Page 12 is an article about Bill & Robin's excellent cooking adventure.

Running Sets at Festival — Video of the first couple of minutes of Kentucky Running Sets performed at the Gannat Festival.

Cuba 2011

2011 Cuba Tour photos

Cuba Tour Video Slide Show — Photos from tour of Cuba in a 10 minute video.

Russia 2010

Tour info wiki

Volgodonsk, Russia video, part 1 of 3 — Video of performances of other companies; no Jubilee performances. About 12 min long.

Volgodonsk, Russia video, part 2 of 3 — Video of performances of other companies; no Jubilee performances. 14 minutes.

Volgodonsk, Russia video, part 3 of 3 — Again, no Jubilee footage. 13 minutes.

Finland 2005

Finland 2005 pt 3.mp4 — Video of tour of Finland

General Tour Information

2020 Tour Applications

Consumer Reports on Travel Insurance

Costume Guidelines and Care — Important - everyone should read before the tour!  Authored by Diana Greenleaf and approved by Becky, Ruth & Debbie. 

Needed for Jubilee Tours — List of things the company needs to take on tour.

Parade Songs - Dual Column — Includes: Oh Susanna, Saints, California Here I Come, Riverside, This Land, Camptown Races

Stage Manager Guidelines

Travel Packing List — The packing list from past tours, updated with some additions/modifications.