Bill's YouTube Channel

Bill's YouTube Channel — Videos made by Bill Euphrat of performances locally and on tour.

Baja Dance Suite

Baja Dance Suite video — Performed at Diablo Valley College in 2002.

Chaveran Demo - steps demonstrated by Maria Luisa

El Chaveran - music file

La Suegra - music file

Big Apple

Adding Style to your Big Apple — Video tips on adding style to the standard steps of the dance.

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens — Recording by Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five (1947)

Aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens.m4a — Full speed version with a count-off 1,2,1,2,3,4

Big Apple ChoreographySteps.pdf — The newest version - updated 5/14/20

Big Apple Performance — Video of a exuberant version of this dance.

BigAppleStaging.pdf — Places for the Big Apple, as of 7/19/20 (Subject to casting adjustments)

Big Apple tutorial - full speed — IPhone video #1: Becky dancing to the faster music. No counts. Only a couple of minor mistakes. :-)

IMG_3449.MOV — IPhone video #2: Becky counting & dancing to the slowed down music

Instructional video on Big Apple — Detailed teaching of the entire dance on YouTube by the Lindy Ladder folks. FYI - opening "Shouts" start at 31:34 mark.

Slow - Aint Nobody Here but Us Chickens.mp3 — Slower version (by 4%), with count off by Sam the Sham.

History of The Big Apple Dance

Cajun Suite

Cajun 2 Step - Marin 5 Min Version.mp3 — Music file; tune cut to fit time limit of MCF

Cajun Jitterbug Sequence — Detailed documentation of the steps in the Jitterbug sequence of the Cajun Two Step

Cajun Suite — Full suite of Cajun dances - waltz, Colinda and two-step, performed at the 2005 SF Ethnic Dance Festival. Colinda is at 4:44 mark, two-step at 6:44.

Cajun Two Step Video — From "Ramblin' Roads" show, Walnut Creek, 2006. Jitterbug routine starts at the 4:16 mark.

Cajun Two Step Video — Video of shortened version of this dance at Marin County Fair, 2013

Cajun Two Step Video — Full version of dance, performed with 8 couples at EDF audition, 2005.

Colinda — Video of performance at EDF Audition, 2005.

History of the Song "Colinda" — Read about how this song is connected to slave dances in New Orlean's Congo Square in the 1700s, Zombies, a former governor of Louisiana and Dick Clark's American Bandstand. (Scroll back to page 89 in the book to start the article)

Clogging - 1930s

1930's Clogging Video — Performance at Ethnic Dance Festival, 2009 (8 couples, long version)

1930s Clogging (3 min version) — Performed at the Northern California Clogging Association convention, Modesto. April 18, 2015. 6 couples, short version.

1930s Clogging Four Couples.pdf — Written choreography specifically for 4 couples, compiled by Lew Douglas, July 2015.

1930s Clogging Video — from outdoor performance in Hayward 2011. (4 couples, long version)

1930s Clogging Video — From performance at Marin County Fair, 2012. Notable because music stops at several points, but dancers carry on. 1st Prize. (4 couples)

1930s Clogging Video — At Bay Area Discovery Museum 2011. (4 couples, long version). Note: dancers are in the wrong position starting with Bluebird.

1930s Clogging Video — Undated, 45-second highlight video (10 couples!)

1930s Clogging Video — From Eden Aoba Taiko show at Daugherty Arts Center 2012. (4 couples, long version)

30s Clogging Choreography — Full written version of Hilary's choreography, using Becky's clogging terminology

30s Clogging Marin 5 min version — Documentation for short version of this dance

30s Clogging - Modesto — Draft version of short 30s Clogging routine for Modesto performance.

30s Clogging w Hilary's terminology

Clogging - 1950s

1950s Clogging — Video from Marin County Fair, 2010. Six couples, recorded music.

1950s Clogging — Video from San Francisco Free Folk Festival, 2010. Eight couples.

1950s Clogging — Video from Russian Tour, 2010. Six couples. Dance starts at 10:38 mark. Doesn't incl. acappella - group mixed with audience at end instead.

1950s Clogging — Video from San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, 2011. Eight couples.

1950s Clogging — Performed at Northern California Clogging Association convention, Modesto, April 18, 2015. Six couples.

1950s Clogging - MCF 2015 — Six couple performance at Marin County Fair, July 2015. Won 1st prize.

1950s Clogging Rehearsal — Dress rehearsal for MCF, June 2015. 6 couples. Video by Barbaralani.

1950s Clogging Video — Video from EDF Audition, 2011. Dance starts at 4:30 mark. Eight couples.

1950s Clogging Video — Video from EDF Audition, 2010. Clogging starts at 2:38, preceded by the Stroll.

1950s Clogging Video — Only the ending a cappella portion of the dance. One minute long.

1950s Clogging Video — Video from Hayward outdoor performance, 2011. Six couples.

50s Clogging Choreography — Documentation by Lew Douglas

50s Clogging East Bay Dances — Performance at Malonga Casquelorde Theater in Oakland, April 2016. Eight couples, recorded music.

Clogging - Daisy's Clog

Daisy's Clog.pdf — Choreography by Becky Coulter for Marin County Fair, 2016. Music in Music section under "Cluck Old Hen". Version as of 6/21/2016.

Daisy's Clog Performance video — From festival in Douro Valley, Portugal. Summer 2016, 6 couples.

Clogging - Miscellaneous

Clogging Marin County Fair 2013 — Becky's choreography.

Clogging Marin County Fair - Group 1 — Opening steps of this routine from 1st of 4 groups of dancers.

MCF Clogging Routine Video — Performance at Marin County Fair 2013. 2nd Prize. No audio due to copyright claims on music.

Clogging Step Guide — A description of Jubilee's most commonly-used clogging steps, and the different names for those steps.

Group 1 choreography

Group 2 choreography

Group 3 choreography — 1.Right & Left shuffle, slide to the right 2.Left & Right shuffle, slide to the left3. Step ball change, 2 cramp walks 4.Step ball change, Shorty George 5.(see video link) 6.4 scoot steps left, 4 to the right, big finish

Exhibition Square Dance

Exhibition Square Dance Calls

Exhibition Square video — From Marin County Fair 2012, four couples.

Exhibition Square Video — EDF Audition, 2011. Eight couples, two squares. Live music.

Exhibition Square Video — Video of performance at Marin County Fair, 2010. No lifts & variation on star with only women turning back.

Exhibition Square Video — from EDF Performance 2011, eight couples, live music. Starts at 15:45


Hambone Instructional Video — A 16 minute Hambone lesson from Erik Hoffman, Jubilee musician and hambone artist.

Hambone Performance — At Marin County Fair, 2015.

Hambone Rehearsal — Two rehearsal videos in preparation for MCF, June 2015.

Hambone Routine Video — From Ramblin' Roads Show, 2006.

I Love a Piano

18 I Love a Piano.m4a — Music for Piano Tap routine

18 I Love a PianoSLOW 1.m4a — Music for Piano Tap routine - slow version

PianoFast.mp4 — Becky demonstrating Piano Tap

PianoSlow.mp4 — Becky demonstrating Piano tap, slower


East Texas Knockdown — More detailed documentation, with counts

East Texas Knockdown 2015.pdf — Detailed matching of choreography to lyrics of "Ol Plank Road." Prepared by Lew Douglas.

East Texas Knockdown Video — From Alameda Civic Ballet show, 2011

East Texas Knockdown Video — From Ramblin' Roads Show, 2006.

Knockdown video — From Czech Republic tour, 2015.

Little House Suite

East Bay DANCES! 2017 — Abridged version of Laura Ingalls Wilder Suite, performed at this event sponsored by Oakland Ballet. Odell Johnson Performing Arts Center at Laney College. June 4th, 2017.

East Bay Dances! performance 2019 — Dance shortened to fit the event's time 6-minute time limit.

Video of Palo Alto show, April 2017 — Video by Bill Euphrat.

Laura Ingalls Wilder photos — The Amazing Life of Laura Ingalls Wilder told in a photo essay.

Performance at 2016 EDF — Video of show at Palace of Fine Arts, SF

Lovers Waltz.pdf — Written description of this dance, done as part of Laura Ingalls Wilder Suite.

Photos of Palo Alto performance of this suite — Photos by Bill Euphrat, performance of the Laura Ingalls Wilder suite at Friday Night Waltz/Contra, April 2017.

Play Party Suite

EDF 2014 Audition Video — Medley of dances (Play Party, 1930s Clogging, Knockdown) performed January 2014 at Zellerbach Hall, Berkeley for EDF Audition.

EDF 2014 Performance — Video of Hambone & 1860's Play Party Medley performed at the 36th Annual SF Ethnic Dance Festival, June 2014, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. Video courtesy of World Arts West.

EDF 2014 Performance without Hambone — Only the Goin' to Boston, Clogging and Knockdown portions of the program from June 2014.

EDF 2014 Tech Rehearsal video — at the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts, June 25, 2014. Video by Bill Euphrat.

EDF Audition 2015 — Video of audition at Palace of Fine Arts, November 14, 2015. Choreography by Becky Coulter.

Polka Quadrille

Polka Quadrille — Performance at Marin County Fair, July 2015. Four couples. Won 3rd prize.

Polka Quadrille Choreography.pdf — Documentation of dance, prepared by Diana & Becky, January 2018.

Polka Quadrille Dress Rehearsal — June 2015, also in rehearsal for MCF

Polka Quadrille Rehearsal — Jubilee rehearsal on Feb 9, 2015, with music. Video by Barbaralani.

Polka Quadrille Rehearsal — June 2015 rehearsal for MCF.

Polka Quadrille video — From Czech Republic, 2015. Different angles on the dance than Marin County video.


Posin' — Performance at Ramblin' Roads show, 2006.

Posin' Choreography — Choregraphy by Yael Schy and Hilary Roberts, March 12, 2000. Notes by Lew Douglas and Dee Brown, Oct. 2009, revised by Lew Dec 2015.

Posin' Video — Video from Marin County Fair, 2012.


2015 EDF Audition.pdf — Choreography of this piece performed at EDF 2016.

2019 EDF — Roadhouse performance at Zellerbach. Saturday show with full screen view.

2019 SF EDF — Roadhouse performance at Zellerback. Sunday show - video focuses on individual elements of the performance.

Comes Love (EDF lyrics) — Lyrics to song as performed by J. Tepperman. Shortened version for EDF.

Comes Love Choreography v3.pdf — Becky's choreography documentation for "Comes Love" - with 32 counts added on 10/16, and with Lew's comments 10/17.

Comes Love - EDF version.m4a — Music file - Tepperman's "Comes Love" edited for final version of Becky's choreography.

Oct 16th Rehearsal — Monday rehearsal, four couples doing Comes Love, with added choreography.

Oct 16th Rehearsal — Monday's rehearsal, Becky & Mitch do routine with added choreography.

Video of EDF Audition - Roadhouse!! — At Palace of Fine Arts, SF on November 4, 2017.

Roadhouse EDF Audition Nov 2018

Roadhouse performance at East Bay Dances! — Event in June 2018 at Laney College, sponsored by Oakland Ballet.

Photos of 1938 Louisiana Roadhouse

Running Set

Running Set Calls - Jubilee 2015.pdf

Running Set Notes Lucia 2016.pdf — Calls for Running Sets; dictated by Lew to Lucia in 2016

Running Sets — Original dance documentation and calls from 2000.

Running Sets Video — From Ramblin' Roads Show, 2006. Eight couples. Live music.

Running Sets Video — From EDF 2011. Eight Couples. Dance starts just after introduction. Live music.

Running Sets Video — Alameda Civic Ballet, 2011. Six couples. Recorded music.

Running Set Video — Diablo Valley College, 2011. Eight couples, live music.

Shim Sham

Shim Sham Choreography — Version of dance as performed by Jubilee, along with original choreography. Notes by Lew Douglas, Dec 2015.

Shim Sham Performance Video — Ramblin' Roads 2006

Shim Sham Tap — How-to video on doing the tap version of the Shim Sham

ShimShamTap.mp4 — Becky attempting to do all the tap steps for Shim Sham

Shorter Shim Sham — A simple listing of the steps, in order, without detail.

Frankie Manning Shim Sham Video — Teaching video by legendary dancer.

Teacup Square Dance

Square Dance Video — Video of Teacup Square at EDF Performance, 2009. Four couples, live music.

Teacup Square Calls.pdf — Version of dance performed at 2009 EDF. This is the most recent version, edited by Lew, Jan 2017.

Tea Cup Square video — Performance at Ashkenaz Barn Stomp show, January 2017.

Women's Lindy

Women's Lindy Performance 2002 — 7 dancers, live band. Performance at Diable Valley College.

Women's Lindy video — Performance at Marin County Fair, 2007. 3rd Place overall & Best Costume awards. Music: Wolverine Blues.

Women's Lindy video — Performance at the Cue Theater, January 2016.