Jubilee American Dance Theatre

Jubilee is performing at Ashkenaz's 50th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, November 4th at 6pm.  Ashkenaz has been our home base since our founding in 1999 - please come out and support this folk dance and music institution!  Ticket info here: https://www.ashkenaz.com/#/events

Jubilee American Dance Theatre is a unique performance ensemble, bringing to life the dances, music, songs, and stories of the folks who made America. 

From Appalachia to Swing Era dance halls to Cajun Country, America's immigrants and more, Jubilee transports you to another time and place, through its rich weaving of stories, songs, dance, and music. Jubilee's work is all set in context with period costumes and props. The costume staff goes to great lengths to research and reproduce authentic costumes of each era. Likewise, the choral and music directors recreate regional and historical musical styles.  

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Jubilee has performed in the San Francisco Bay Area at a variety of venues, including:

Jubilee has also performed at International Dance and Music Festivals, representing the USA at public, educational, and official events, including:

*Indicates a CIOFF festival (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts)  

If you're a potential member of Jubilee, or if you might present Jubilee dancers, musicians, and singers in a customized performance, see About Us

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Jubilee operates under the auspices of the Bay Area Country Dance Society (BACDS), a non-profit charitable §501(c)(3) organization. To find out more about BACDS, click here to view the latest quarterly BACDS Newsletter and Event Listing.