In English

Juankoski Senior High School

· 65 km north-east of Kuopio

· a modern and cosy school building (2003)

· 80 students

Since we follow the general high school programme, we can be considered an ordinary high school.

However, we have some


A wide range of languages:

· English

· Swedish

· German

· French

· Spanish

· Russian

· Estonian (basics)

· a possibility to take net courses in other languages (e.g. Italian or Japanese)

International projects and contacts:

· A two-year Erasmus + project "Hooked on Books" (started in 2014) together with a Hungarian and Romanian school.

· A partner school in Hameln, Germany.

Art projects:

· Fire performances (combining visual arts, music, dance and speech communication)

· Music theatre productions since 2003


· Several courses in entrepreneurship

· The students have their own cooperative called "Pisnes". It gives them a chance to become familiar with the principles of entrepreneurship in practice and also earn some money.

High school diplomas in:

· music

· visual arts

· physical education

· handicraft

The small size is an advantage:

· Every student is seen and treated as an individual.

· The teachers have time and resources to give personal guidance and remedial instruction to students.

· Everyone can get personal student counselling and vocational guidance as much as necessary.

· A social worker's services are available at school.

The studies in Juankoski Senior High give you a good basis to pass the matriculation exam well and continue your further studies successfully.