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Research Interests: State and local public finance; property taxation; fiscal zoning; public choice

Taxes formalize our obligations to each other. They define the inequalities we accept and those that we collectively seek to redress. They signify who is a member of our political community, how wide we draw the circle of “we.” They set the boundaries of what our governments can do. In the modern world, taxation is the social contract.
~Isaac William Martin, Ajay K.Mehrotra, and Monica Prasad in "The New Fiscal Sociology" (2009)

I view the public finance system a laboratory for testing social theory. That is, choices made over how to tax and spend reflect (at least partially) societal values and constraints. I particularly prefer to put the government itself at the center of the analysis in my work.

My research is featured in outlets like the National Tax Journal, Land Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics & Management, Public Finance Review, Southern Economic Journal, Public Budgeting & Finance, Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory, State Tax Notes, Contemporary Economic Policy, Journal of Housing Economics, Public Finance & Management and the Journal of Real Estate and Finance Economics.  


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