Former Doctoral Students

Lang Kate Yang, Public Affairs (Adviser)

Thesis: "Fiscal Federalism and Distressed Localities: An Empirical Analysis"
Current Position: Assistant Professor at George Washington University, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy

Thomas Luke Spreen, Public Affairs (Committee)
Thesis: "An Empirical Analalysis of Behavioral Responsees to State Income Taxes"


Sarah Larson, Public Policy (Adviser)

Thesis: "A Case of Rational Irrationality: Evidence of Expressive Interest Bias in State e-Commerce Sales and Use Tax Legislation." [Defended May 2014]
Current Position: Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida, College of Health & Public Affairs


Daniel Hummel, Public Affairs at Florida Atlantic University (Committee)

Thesis: "Right-Sizing Cities: Strategies and Fiscal Health."
Current Position: Assistant professor of public administration at Idaho State University.


Thesis: "Information Economics in Insurance Markets for Municipal Debt Securities: Monoline Insurance in Primary and Secondary Trades."
Current Position: Assistant Professor, School of Public & International Affairs, University of Georgia.

Olha Krupa, Public Affairs (Committee)

Thesis: "Market Value-Based Assessment System in Property Taxation: Equity, Institutional Determinants, and Cost Considerations."
Current Position: Assistant professor in Institute of Public Service at Seattle University.

Sergio Villamayor-Tomas, Public Policy (Committee)

Thesis: "Understanding Robustness Through the Theory of the Commons: Irrigation Water Governance and Socio-Ecological Robustness in the Gallego and Cinca River Watersheds, Spain."
Current Position: Researcher of Resource Economics at Humboldt University of Berlin.

Natalia Ermasova, Public Affairs (Committee)

Thesis: "Capital Budgeting at the State Level: Empirical Analysis from the Economic Downturn to the Present." 
Current Position: Assistant professor of public affairs at Governors State University.

Cheol Liu, Public Affairs (Committee)

Thesis: "Impact of Public Officials' Corruption on State Spending."
Current Position: Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong, Department of Public & Social Administration


Beth Neary, Public Affairs (Committee)

Thesis: "Paid Parental Leave in the United States: What We Can Learn from Existing International and Domestic Policies and How We Can Move Forward."
Initial Placement: Assistant Professor of Public Policy at the University of Connecticut. 


Michael Cox, Public Policy (Committee)

Thesis: "Exploring the Dynamics of Social-Ecological Systems: The Case of the Taos Valley Acequias."
Initial Placement: Post-doc in Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis.
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College.

Susane Leguizamon, Economics at West Virginia University (Committee)

Thesis: "Keeping up with the Jonses, Staying Ahead of the Smiths: Three Essays on Relative House Size and House Price."
Initial Placement: Department of Economics Lecturer at Pennsylvania State University.
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Economics at Western Kentucky University


Janey Quian Wang, Public Affairs (Committee)

Thesis: "Redistributive Budget, Intergovernmental Transfers, and Fiscal Institutions."
Current Position: Associate Professor of Public Administration at San Francisco State University.