Matlab Functions

Spatial Econometrics (All require Jim LeSage's spatial-econometrics toolbox)

panel_lags.m   Constructs spatial lags of independent variables for use in Pace's spatial panel regressions.
 bkwsdm.m   Creates a Table of regression diagnostics for spatial durbin model using bkw.m function from LeSage.
 sar_boot.m   Bootstrap Spatial Autoregression (SAR) based on Anselin (1988, p. 95). See notes for required supporting Bootstrap toolbox information.
spat_hausman.m    spatial Hausman test for comparing SEM and OLS coefficients. Based on Pace & LeSage (Economic Letters, 2008).

Quantile Regressions (All require Christen Hansen's matlab code for quantile regressions.)
 qreg.m     Conducts a quantile regression using Hansen's rq.m
 iqreg.m    Conducts an instrument variable quantile regression using Hansen's irq.m

Other Functions
 summarize.m   Produces a matrix with descriptive statistics for your regression.
 kb.m  Koenker-Bassett test for heteroskedasticity
 kb_d.m  Demo file for kb.m
 bayes_tbl.m    Creates a set of summary statistics from the results structure of LeSage's Bayesian OLS_g function.
 sbayes_tbl.m    For LeSage's Bayesian SAR_g or SEM_g functions.