Tour Dates

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The Cold War/Hot Summer Tour

2015 "The Space Between" Conference University of Notre Dame Jun 18 -21 2015

As Safe As Houses : Invasion Literature and Interwar Challenges to British Concepts of Home

World History Association Conference Savannah, Georgia Jun 29 - Jul 3 2015

"The BBC would like to apologize for the next announcement": The Rise of the Middle Class, Satire and the BBC as seen in Monty Python.

AND (that's right folks, I've got an encore booked)

Britain's Civil Cold War: Citizens, the Media and Civil Defence Debates in Late Cold War Britain

The ABD Tour

Tri-University History Conference Wilfrid Laurier University Mar 7 2015

The Bomber and the End of Splendid Isolation : Shifting Spatial Identities Through the Memories of WWI Homefronts

Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies Johns Hopkins University Mar 27-28 2015

The Thatcherite Decade?: Reconsidering the Narratives of 70s Decline and 80s Neo-Liberalism

The Newmedia Conference Carleton University Apr 23-24 2015

Keep Calm and Protest On - The Memetic Nature of Civil Defence Protests in Cold War Britain

Western Tour

16th Annual Strategic Studies Conference University of Calgary Feb 28-Mar 1 2014

The ‘bloody Union Jack’ and ‘egalitarian twaddle’ : The Long Tradition of Deterrence Over Survivability in Cold War Britain’s Nuclear Civil Defence Policies

History and Classics Graduate Student Association University of Alberta Mar 7-9 2014

‘And now for something colonially different’ : Monty Python and the Influence of Decolonization on British Identity

International Graduate Historical Studies Conference Central Michigan University Mar 28-29 2014

From the Blitz to D.I.Y. in Four Easy Documents : Cold War Britain and the Economics of Nuclear Civil Defence

Outstanding Paper by a non Central Michigan University Presenter Award

M.C. / Panel Chair

World History Association Conference University of Waterloo June 29 - July 2 2015

Cold War Civil Defence: A Transnational Perspective

Tri-University History Conference University of Waterloo Mar 28-29 2014

Cold War Culture

Guest Lectures and Opening Acts

HIST 275: The Modern World in Historical Perspective, Critical Race Theory University of Waterloo May 2019 - Aug 2019

*Winds of Change: The British Experience in Decolonization

HIST 266: The British Empire, 1857-1956 University of Waterloo Jan 2015 - Apr 2015


*British Culture

HIST 250: The Art and Craft of History University of Waterloo Sept 2014 - Jan 2015

*Archival Research

*Cultural History

Past Shows

New Frontiers Graduate History Conference York University Feb 2010

An Island Bridged: The Media of Britain's Civil Defence Programs and their Influence on Dystopian Film, Television and Literature.