About Me

Current Whereabouts:

University of Waterloo                    Lecturer                                                                   2020 - Current

Wilfrid Laurier University               Contract Faculty                                                        2021 - Current

Past Whereabouts:

University of Waterloo                     PhD, History                                             2012-2020

York University                                  Master of Arts, History                                             2009-2010  

York University                                  Bachelor of Arts (Hons.), History/Psychology       2002-2007  

Elected Positions:

Co-President                                     Tri-University Graduate Student Association         2014-2015; 2015-2016  

Councillor, History                           Uni. of Waterloo Graduate Student Association        2014-2015

Recent Awards:

People's Choice Winner                  3 Minute Thesis Finals, University of Waterloo  (all faculties)                              

Winner                                               3 Minute Thesis Finals, University of Waterloo, Faculty of Arts         

Academic interests:

20th Century Anglosphere (US, UK, Can) history, Cold War Politics and Culture, Civil Defence, Citizen/Government Dialogues, Nuclear Weapons, Disneyana, Teaching Techniques, Lecturing and Learner Engagement, and Public Speaking

Personal interests:

British pubs and television series, Diners, Everything 1983-1993, Teaching, Video Games, Walt Disney World, Comics, Baseball, Lock Collecting/picking, Sarcasm, Non-Sequiturs, Hairdryers, Timekeeping

Based out of:

The Wilds of Western Kitchener