The purpose of Joshua Joel SMA Life, Inc. is to give visible form to that faith and fellowship “TRUE” people of God will exercise in developing resource solutions to assist at risk infants and toddlers with SMA. 

Our outreach component does not attempt to duplicate existing services of any existing organization; but will augment effective delivery of services to a given demographic target population within a given geographic area.

As a state of the art non-traditional corporation in Gainesville,

Florida we are responding to the cry, which cannot be heard by the audible ear; but by the sensitive inner ear of the spirit.  Apathy and alienation among economically disadvantaged poor people living in Gainesville, Florida demands that people of good will take continuous and progressive action with effective monitoring tools in place to combat the problems that continually plague our communities.  Incest, sexual abuse and physically endangering our at risk target populations has become an epidemic in our society.

Potent solutions that challenge people of good will to produce quantifiable results must be continually explored and revised.  Metaphorically speaking, there are accidents waiting to happen among said at risk target populations. 

Joshua Joel SMA Life, Inc. is responding in a positive manner to bring hope and tangible relief to at risk target populations.

Moved by compassion, the board of directors of Joshua Joel SMA Life, Inc. is bringing hope to at risk target populations who have been so victimized that they have lost hope.   The Board has witnessed and experienced the effects of false hope.  Daily we view the large body of evidence of children, youth, and the elderly and socially liable individuals who have been used, abused and put out in the cold.  Incest, debilitating diseases and social conditions come in like a negative flood has left at risk target populations extremely devastated.  These situations make a strong call to the people of good will to make tangible relief available to those without the means and survival skills to survive in our modern society.  A voice of hope, a voice of encouragement and a voice of deliverance is Joshua Joel SMA Life, Inc.

  • Ø  To be ambassadors representing the needs of at risk infants and toddlers with SMA                                  
  • Ø  To bring resource solutions relative to intervention and prevention for our target population                  
  • Ø  To empower people of good will with principles of integrity and accountability, relationship-building techniques, compassion for those at risk target populations suffering untold cruelty and an attitude of the tenacity of a pit bull                                                                                                              
  • Ø  To challenge at risk children and youth to strive for excellence in every aspect of their lives