Environments and Lighting

New render using Quixel megascans and Redshift3D.


Saatchi & Saatchi Toyota (interior renders)

Chess set render with Redshift3D

A few Aston Martin renders.  (lighting and shading)

The Red Sea Astrarium project at RGH Entertainment. 
Lighting, shading, and camera work.

The Adventures of Santa Clause

The Adventures of Santa Clause  

RedShift3d additions...
Redshift render of Tesla Roadster.

4min 29sec   scene converted from the Corona render forums to RedShift3d

Cgtalk lighting challenge .. textures and lighting


Bathroom scene from Archinteriors converted to Redshift3d

Arch interior scene

Mental ray with "unified sampling"

3DsMax.Vray, DMC, .85 on Adaptive,... Noise Thresh at .01, and looks nice, but the render time is a little over an hr.  (And those are low settings for Vray.  For render, the noise Thresh should be at least .008)

Maya Unified Sampling at 11 minutes. Quality at 1, Final Gather Accuracy 500, Point Density 2, Point interpolation 20, Secondary Diffuse bounces at 2.
The new Unified Sampling is getting close,.. at less than a 10th of the time.  Nice.  [render check coming soon]

Lexus commercial at The Famous Group


Lexus CT Escape

Lighting and render passes from Maya using Mental Ray.  (Normals pass/ Facing/ Zdepth/ Color/ Ambient occlusion/ height/ hold outs/ etc...)

Modeling texturing lighting                                        

 Planet of the Apes Oberon ship.  Modeling, shading, animation.                                         



Game work

 Call of Duty 2 cinematics.   Animation of grass, cloth, particle fx, and comp.

Insane Asylum  Modeling texturing uv layout lighting done for XFiles game

XFiles "Resist or Serve"   Modeling texturing uv layout lighting (These are last gen, thus no normal maps)
 Modeling, uv's, texturing, lighting, pathing, cam setup, triggers.
 Terminator 3 "Rise of the Machines"   Modeling texturing uv layout lighting
Medal of Honor "European Assault"   (Electronic Arts Los Angeles)  Worked on lighting, fog and bloom triggers, light cards, animated lights.

GoldenEye "Rogue Agent"  (EALA)        {Lighting}