Toyota 86 model - Saatchi & Saatchi

Wikipedia info... was a Subaru? <-click for info

Lighting surfacing, and shading

Chess set render with Redshift3D <-click for animation

Lighting and material shading

Aston Martin

Lighting shading and camera setup. (Redshift3d setup)

Postman Pat "The Movie"

RGH Entertainment

Lighting, modeling, shading and surfacing.

PostMan Pat intro <- Click me

The Red Sea Astrarium

RGH Entertainment Lighting, modeling, shading for environment... (lot of us worked on this)

The Adventures of Santa Clause (movie)


The Adventures of Santa Clause

Hardware Store

smoothing off

The Adventures of Santa Clause

Look dev versions Modeling, shading, lighting.

The Adventures of Santa Clause

Modeling and look dev

(concept from art director)

Tesla Roadster

Lighting and shading.. Redshift3d render (initially a test for Tesla)

I love cars as you can tell.  :)

Lexus CT commercial "The Famous Group"

Lexus CT commercial "The Famous Group"

Animation on main page reel (Lighting and shading).. a few updates with Redshift3D renderer... (these are raw renders without post edits in comp)

Lighting and render passes from Maya using Mental Ray. (Normals pass/ Facing/ Zdepth/ Color/ Ambient occlusion/ height/ hold outs)


Lighting and shading Mental Ray, converted from Arch Interiors

Scene below, I converted from the Corona render forums to RedShift3d for speed test. sooo much faster. 4 min 36 sec,.. corona was,.. well over an hour.

Bathroom scene

Archinteriors converted to Redshift3d (Lighting and shading)

CGtalk lighting challenge

Mental ray with "unified sampling" (Lighting and shading)

Background Alley

Test for "The Collective" game company which no longer exists unfortunately.

Env test for The Collective

Planet of the Apes 2001 movie

Oberon ship (Film screens)

Planet of the Apes movie

Call of Duty 2 cinematics

Animation of grass, cloth, particle fx, and comp

Call of Duty animation <-click me... all cg with mocap

Insane Asylum

Modeling, texturing, lighting (test for XFiles game)

XFiles "Resist or Serve" PS2

Modeling texturing uv layout lighting (Older work)

Terminator "Rise of the Machines" PS2 XBOX

Medal of Honor "European Assault" PS 2

Electronic Arts Los Angeles Lighting, fog and bloom triggers, light cards, animated lights.

GoldenEye "Rogue Agent" (EALA) {Lighting}