Aaron Sims Creative

    Harry Potter, League of Legends

Encore Hollywood

    Supergirl, Titans,  Flash,  Legends of Tomorrow  (DC Comics,. 2018)

{Digital doubles for actors.  Modeling, texturing and shading}  Mari, Substance Painter, Photoshop

The Third Floor  

    Antman and Wasp (2018)  previs

    Venom (2018)

    Jumanji 2 (2018)

    BumbleBee (2018)  Transformers

    Gemini Man (2018) .. Will Smith/ Ang Lee

    Christopher Robin (2018) 

    Jungle Cruise with The Rock (in production)

{modeling and texturing assets}

RGH Entertainment

    Post Man Pat "The Movie"

    The Adventures of Santa Claus  "The Movie" 

    High in the Clouds with Paul McCartney 

    Red Sea Astrarium


   Time Warner Cable   (Environments)

The Famous Group

    Lexus Escape   (Lighting)

Blind Visual

    THQ Motocross Madness   (Character Lead)


    Karnak Attack   (iPhone developer)

Karnak Attack    <-click me for game play!     Keep in mind.. just 3 of us doing all of it... so be kind.  Got some great reviews actually.


    Activision Value Reel    (Character Lead)

Sony San Diego SCEA

    NBA 09 "The Life"   (Game Characters)

Treyarch - Activision

    Quantum of Solace James Bond   (Character  rigging)

    Call of Duty 3   (Characters/ Environments)

    Call of Duty 2 "Big Red One"  (Environments/ Lighting)

Electronic Arts - EALA

    Medal of Honor European Assault   (Lighting)

Treyarch - Activision

    Dead Rush  (Environments/ Lighting)

Black Ops Entertainment

    Terminator3  Rise of the Machines  (Environments/ Lighting)

    XFiles  Resist or Serve  (Environments/ Lighting)

Red Gypsy

    Terminal Error  Particles and destruction

BlackBoxDigital  (film)

    Planet of the Apes  (Modeling/ texturing/ lighting/ cam anim/ surfacing)

    Minority Report

    Artificial Intelligence


    Joe Dirt

    Zoog Disney

Digital Domain  

    Lego Alpha Team  (game)

    Storm Rider (Disney Studios Japan)

Film Production

    October Sky  (Editing production assist)

    Psycho remake with Gus Van Sant  (Office Production)

    Deep Blue Sea  (Office production assist)

    The Grinch (Costume Production)

    Gun Shy (Office production assist)

    Cast Away  (Office production assist)

    Gone in 60 Seconds  (Office production assist)

    Stuart Little (Set Production Assistant)

    Twix Commercial   (On set production assist)

    Lake Placid  (Office production assist)



Modeling, texturing, lighting and shader setup on multiple DCC's

Some rigging in both Maya and 3dsMax

Team Management, and lead experience with scheduling, pipeline creation, and outsourcing reviews.


Maya , 3D Max,  Zbrush,  Adobe Suite,  Mari,  Substance Painter, Nuke 'basic',   Speed Tree,  Advanced Skeleton.

Arnold, Vray, Redshift3d for rendering.  (including Mental ray/ Brazil r/s.. gone now!!)

Deadline, Qube, Muster, Smedge,  (Render Management)

AlienBrain, Perforce, SourceSafe  (Digital Asset Management)

Game engine experience with Activision, Sony, BlackOps, Unity3D, and Electronic Arts.