New personal work.  Modeling, texturing in Substance Painter, and rigged with Advanced Skeleton.

Sazabi MD-04  

RGH Entertainment
Character modeling and texturing on look development for "The Adventures of Santa Claus" 
{this is Film work, so all geometry is qaud's}
Postman Pat: The Movie Trailer (2014)


Cat with fur addition (Shave)

Street Bum 

Claus adult

Claus Dad

Klaus Casual


Rat (fur addition with Shave and a Haircut)



Character concept from artwork for new ip.  Mortallis

Blind Visual  THQ spot

I modeled, uv'd, and textured all the shirts, pants and gloves.  (Helmets, goggles and boots were given to us, but still heavily modified by me and others on the team)
I did 9 different characters and 18 total with duplicates and texture changes. 



Some closeups of my Zbrush work.  I used several different masks
to separate out different areas.  Also, I outputted displacement maps for the folds, and normal maps for the finer detail.

Maya/Zbrush Mental Ray and also worked on lighting and rendering for final composition output.

Showtime MMA fighter spot  "King Mo"

Showtime MMA spot. "Dan Henderson"         Boujou tracking, Rayfire FX exploding of characters and matched up poses for 7 characters.
Full spot here.

Technicolor   Lead Character Artist     

Modeling texturing lighting                                  

Big League Sports   Modeling, texturing

Jurassic Hunter  Layout


Sony San Diego, NBA09 game (character heads zbrush, Maya work. Roughly 32 heads total)

Aaron Brooks

Jamario Moon

Ryan Gomez


James Bond  "Quantum of Solace"
 Rigging (twist bones, expressions, multiply divide nodes, elbow and knee bone setups, coat bones, to name a few)
Call of Duty 3      Skinning, light/texture baking, uv's 

 Minority Report the Movie. 


Minority Report         Lead 3d artist at BlackBox Digital.  Modeling, texturing, animation.

                    Heart and Lungs shot.  Modeling, shading, texturing and animated heart and lungs pumping.