Hawk and Dove DC Comics "Titans"

Digital doubles (Modeling of, body, faces, masks, wings, weapons,... texturing, shading and surfacing, and hair for multiple charcters)

Sazabi MD-04

Modeling, texturing, shading, and rigged with Advanced Skeleton... Personal project

The Baker RGH Entertainment

Kitty (Shave and a Haircut fur) RGH Entertainment


Street Bum RGH Entertainment

Claus Young (Jacket on) RGH Entertainment

Santa Young

Claus Adult RGH Entertainment

Claus Young (Jacket off) RGH Entertainment

Policeman The Adventures of Santa Claus RGH Entertainment


Rat (fur addition with Shave and a Haircut) RGH Entertainment


Squiddie RGH Entertainment

Reindeer RGH Entertainment

Mortallis (Character concept model for new ip) RGH Entertainment

Blind Visual THQ

Modeled, uv'd, and textured all the shirts, pants and gloves. (Helmets, goggles and boots were given to us, but still heavily modified by me and others on the team) 9 different characters by me, and 18 total with duplicates and texture changes.

Blind Visual THQ

Some closeups of my Zbrush work below for the MotoCross work above. :)

Showtime MMA {King Mo / Dan Henderson / Jake Sheilds}

Can someone please whine about the line between the head?  lol

Activision Value Reel

Lead charactar artist

Bakugan character modeling

Big League Sports.. Activision Value Reel

Big League Sports.. Activision Value Reel

Jurassic Hunter Activision Value Reel

Sony NBA09

Aaron Brooks

Jamario Moon

Ryan Gomez

James Bond Quantum of Solace (rigging)

Minority Report (The Movie) Lead 3d artist at Black Box Digital

Minority Report Black Box Digital

Eye animation. Modeling, shading, texturing, and animation of Tom Cruise eye for the movie Minority Report.

Heart and Lungs shot. Modeling, shading, texturing and animated heart and lungs pumping.