Elderly People

You may be worried about the management of your or a relative's assets as you or they get older?

You may be worried how to ensure that you are properly looked after in your old age?

You sometimes feel the need to talk to someone independent, someone with just your interests to consider?

We have experience in handling elderly clients' matters, whether that is preparing a will or a power of attorney, assisting with management of assets, registering powers of attorney with the Office of the Public Guardian or acting as an attorney or applying for the appointment of a Deputy at the Court of Protection and afterwards dealing with the paperwork required by the Office of the Public Guardian.

If your relative has lost the mental capacity to make a will, or manage their own affairs, then we can help you review the options that are available.

We can also discuss the making of a "living will" to deal with how you might like to be looked after in the future.

If you or your relative find it difficult to come to our offices, and a home visit would assist, we are happy to do this.

If you think we may be able to help you, or just want to find out more about these services, please get in touch today.

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