Re-Mortgage Charges

Our fees cover all of the work required to complete the re-mortgage of your home, including the discharge of 1 mortgage, subject to the matters mentioned at the end of this section (which is not an exhaustive list), which will involve additional fees and possibly disbursements.

If the matter requires additional work of the nature mentioned above, you will be informed of this, and what the additional cost will be, at the earliest possible time.

Re-mortgage of a typical freehold registered house

Price bracket £ Our charges £ VAT on Charges £ Total £

(Re-mortgage amount)

0 - 250,000 300.00 60.00 360.00

250,001 - 550,000 350.00 70.00 420.00

Other charges and payments

No search indmenity policy premium - approximately £20 - £100, dependent on amount of re-mortgage, or if the lender will not accept a policy, a local search and an draiage and water search will need to be carried out ata cost dependant on the charges made by the reelvant local authority and water authority - in the region of £200.00 by way of estimate.

Electronic money transfer fee £35.00 plus VAT total £42.00 per transfer - estimate 2 will be required, one to pay off the existing mortgage and the other of the net re-mortgage proceeds to the Client.

HM Land Registry fees for Office Copy entries of the title to the proeprety if registered land and final search fees - estimted £35.00.

HM Land Registry fees for registation of title - see Land Registry scale fees via ths link -

Fees for additional work which may typically be required in association with a re-motgage

1. Transfer of Equity - £200.00 plus VAT

2. Leasehold transaction fee - £200.00 plus VAT

3. Unregistered land fee - £200.00 plus VAT

4. Shared ownership fee - £200,00 plus VAT

5. Help to Buy Equity Loan redemption -£200.00 plus VAT

There may well also be other charges and payments associated with the above matters, such as Land Transaction Tax / Stamp Duty Land Tax, notices to ground landlords etc, the amount of which will depend on the particular transaction and will be specifically quoted for if such matters arise.

Matters not included in the above charges

Our fee assumes that:-

a. This is a standard transaction and that no unforseen matters arise, including for example ( but not limited to) a defect in title which requires remedying by completion of, or the preparation of additional documents, such as statutory declarations.

b. No indemnity policy is required to be arranged to overcome a defect in title.

c. There is no more than 1 mortgage to be discharged.

d. The property is not let out.

e. The property is not subject to any restrictions on its sale.

f. It is not the re-mortgage of a property bought with the aid of a Help to Buy mortgage.

g. It is not the re-mortgage of a property which is an affordable home.

h. It is not a transaction involving more than one legal interest in a property.

i. It is not a transaction where there are multiple owners who need to be communicated with separately.

j. It is not a transaction involving Transfer of equity.

k. It is not a mortgage by a Company.

l. We are able to act for your lender as well as you.

m. It is not an Islamic mortgage.