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Countryman-Forbes Stoneware


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Wax Seal Jar impressed WF
William Gulledge Faulkner

Self Sealing Can & Self
in iron slip around the top

Churn Impressed HF

William Hilliard Faulkner

(Illustrated p 18 Alabama Folk Pottery 2006)

Lug Handle Jars and bowl, Left Jar and bowl Impressed JP

Jonathan Jarrett Payton

(Jar on left illustrated p 135 Alabama Folk Pottery 2006)

Cup Impressed J.M.VICK

James M. Vick









Loop Handle Jar

Bud Vick is scratched on the side
Mitchell "Bud" Collins Vick







Sterrett Jugs

Jug on left has iron oxide 6 on one side and the opposite side has an incised 6.
The jug on right has no capacity mark.

 Wax Seal Jars


Combed Pieces

Pieces possibly associated with Bud Vick

Three Slip Decorated Pieces









    Decorated Pitcher


Combed Loop Handle Jar

Two Wide Mouth Jars


 Lug Handle Jar

ex Georgiana Greer collection
(Illustrated in plate 5 The Traditional Pottery of Alabama 1983)


Ovoid Jugs


 Straight Sided Jugs



The tallest pitcher has Sterrett scratched in the side
(A close up photo of the mark is on p 10, checklist 8
Pottery from the Mountains of Alabama 1986)


The two loop handle jars on the left appear to be by the same hand.

 Handleless Jars

Center jar is ex Georgiana Greer collection, dug in Mobile
(Illustrated in plate 5 The Traditional Pottery of Alabama 1983)


Loop Handle Jars


                      3 Gal Churn                                    6 Gal Churn

            With a well used wooden lid and dasher                                with an ant defender
                     (Illustrated p 4, checklist 4
                                     or is it a homebrew crock?
        Pottery from the Mountains of Alabama 1986)










          Water Cooler










Strawberry Pot & Pitcher

Attributed to Dewey Johnson

Compare p 12 Pottery from the Mountains of Alabama 1986