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Countryman-Forbes Stoneware


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Randolph/Chambers Co Stoneware

Displayed in a Tennessee Walnut Corner Cupboard

Jar stamped JS

Possibly James Shepherd

Decorated Jars

(Right jar illustrated in Bacon Level, Hickory Flat, Auburn 2011, p. 5 #9)


Lug Handle Jar

Lug Handle Jar











Impressed ZTU 

Zackariah Taylor Ussery






Ring Bottle

impressed JL for John David Lehman

       (Illustrated p 66 in John A. Burrison's Brothers in Clay and Country Home April 1987, p 61)

Decorated Jars and Jug

Jug on right impressed JL for John David Lehman

Jug & Jar

Larger jug marked ZTU

Compare the churn to p111 Alabama Folk Pottery 2006

 Group of Randolph Co Pieces

Probably from the Ussery shop Bacon Level


                2 Ash glaze pitchers flanked by salt glaze pitchers with Albany slip interiors                             Pitcher on right stamped PITTMAN&BRO

6 1/2" Jug and Pitchers

Jug Impressed U

Jug impressed JR 

Joseph Clifford Rushton

(illustrated p 106 Alabama Folk Pottery 2006)

(illustrated in Bacon Level, Hickory Flat, Auburn 2011, p.9 #20)

Marked Jug, Jar & Pitcher



Albany slip interior, salt exterior, possibly Pittman


Jar on left impressed JB for John Barnes 

    Water Cooler

 Probably from Bacon Level, Randolph Co.




Poultry Waterers

The waterer on the right is missing its saucer

Jar on Left Impressed TC

    We attribute these jars to Thomas Calvin Henry based on similarity to a piece marked TC HENRY 

     T. C. Henry was the nephew of T. J. Henry of Sand Mountain                               

    (Jar on right illustrated in Bacon Level, Hickory Flat, Auburn 2011, p. 4 # 27, where it is               erroneously attributed to Usrey)

Three Decorated Pieces

(Jug illustrated in Bacon Level, Hickory Flat, Auburn, 2011, p. 5 #12)

(Large lug handle jar illustrated in Bacon Level, Hickory Flat, Auburn, 2011, p.10 #8)


 Two Jugs

(Jug on right illustrated in Bacon Level, Hickory Flat, Auburn 2011, p. 5 #11)

Jug with Scratched Sawtooth Decoration

    The potter must have been distracted because they did not finish the sawtooth decoration all the way around

Loop Handle Jar


Jug on the left has a golden ash glaze
Jug on the right has a green ash glaze interior and salt glaze exterior

            2 Gal Ash Glaze             5 Gal Salt Glaze                4 Gal Slat over Ash Glaze

Two 2 Gal  Jugs

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