Stoneware Collection

Collection of traditional nineteenth and early twentieth century stoneware from Alabama

Ron Countryman did early research on Sand Mountain potters and

contributed to the 1986 exhibit "Pottery from the Mountains of Alabama".

Joe Forbes made the beautiful photos and the web site.

Information about potters is taken from

ALABAMA FOLK POTTERY by Joey Brackner 2006

We love studying pottery and finding connections between pieces.

We welcome other collectors to see our collection and compare their pieces with ours. Click on Suggestions at the bottom of this page to contact us.

Other Stoneware Pages from Countryman-Forbes Collection:

Autauga Co Blount Co Cleburne Co Davidson Elmore Co Lamar Co Mobile Bay Perry Co Randolph/Chambers Co Sand Mountain Sterrett Tuscaloosa Co


Churn C.K.Oliver Tuscaloosa Co; Jar Perry Co; Homebrew Crock Sand Mountain; Jug JL Randolph Co

Jug F.M.Warrick Blount Co; Wax Seal Jar WF Sterrett; Jar Davidson

Pitcher Rye; Ring Bottle Shaw; Pitcher J. N. Roy Autauga Co; Sugar Bowl Cleburne Co

6 5/8" Ring Bottle

Written on all surfaces of the bottle:

May the 7. 1896

Made by W.W.Anderson at Anderson & Holcomb Potery Shaw Ala

Shaw Ala. is on Sandmountain 20 miles So Chattanooga

5 miles from Tenn. River.

J.E.Reese Pana Illinois May the 8. 1896

(illustrated color plate and p 133 Alabama Folk Pottery 2006 and fig 342
Made in Alabama 1995)

Pitcher, Chicken Waterer, Ring Bottle and 2 Jugs

Attributed to Anderson & Holcomb Pottery Shaw AL


Marked MiLLERWiLLiAMS&co

Miller Group

The salt glaze jug is impressed A. MILLER

The slip glazed pieces may be Miller or Miller/Williams

Jars, Pitcher and Water Cooler

Attributed to Thomas Bennett Odom Escambia Co


possibly Blount or Perry Co


Loop Handle Jar

Jar impressed V attributed to Seale AL


Memory Jar

The decoration is on an Albany slip jar

Four Pitchers

Cullman Pottery or Spruce Pine

Group of Mugs

4 Gal Churn Impressed WTV

William T. Vancuron

Found in Marshall Co.

For other marked WTV pieces

see checklist no. 18

The Traditional Pottery of Alabama 1983

p 20 and p 143 Alabama Folk Pottery 2006


Possibly Henry Co

compare p 98 Alabama Folk Pottery 2006

Pig Casserole & Pig Bank

Attributed to Norman Smith, Lawley AL

Little BrownJug
1884 Rye
Gerson & Seligman

Montgomery Ala

Lug Handle Jar Impressed


Depression era pine straw baskets