Garden of

Ron Countryman & Joe Forbes




 May 29 happy hypericum and oak leaf hydrangea






 May 23 Tropical Water lily towering over a forest of Parrot feather







 May 19 Admiral on climbing hydrangea







April 15 Cross vine








Spanish Bluebells by the spring







  Yellow Native Azalea in front of a winter honeysuckle with Lenten Roses







Front: Cream colored Native Azalea Cloud 9 Dogwood and facilia 







Overlook garden on the edge of the Buckeye path







Buckeye path looking west on an overcast day







Buckeye path looking east in afternoon light







We saw Mr. Frog for the first time on April 5


March 26 Dutchmen's Britches planted itself below the bed where the mother pant was last year.







March 26 Pink Native Azalea

Mar 24 Epimedium

Mar 13 Winter Hazel (Corylopsis Playpetala) with clusters of yellow flowers.

A stand of toothwort

March 8 cheerful Crocus






March 1 we woke to snow








Feb 29 Gov Mouton camellia and Lenten roses


The waterfall behind the shop

Feb 28, after a night of heavy rain. We did not have any flow for a couple of years.


And here is the waterfall leading to the street



We have hundreds of Lenten roses in the garden ranging in color from white to burgundy.
I have tried several specialty varieties. The bears foot hellebore died out years ago. I had a green hellebore that lasted for years, but never grew. This year it has no bloom stem.

Here is a blue lady hellebore that is growing larger after one year.







 An Ivory Prince that seems quite happy after one year