Currently retired - which is to say, no longer getting paid for my work

Professional Activities

Industry (30 years)

  • Digital Equipment - Director of Information Infrastructure Standards and prior to that Director of POSIX Standards

  • Charles River Data Systems - Director, Strategic Planning, Director Marketing

  • Data General Corp - various roles: Product Manager, District manager of Systems Engineering, Systems Engineer

  • Intel - supervisor in test automation group

  • CALMA - operating systems development, CAD/CAM applications

  • IBM - operating systems development, laboratory automation (Palo Alto Scientific Center)

Academia (6 years)

  • Teaching Information Technology at Southern New Hampshire University (full time, undergraduate and graduate)

  • Part time teaching at Daniel Webster College, Nashua Community College


  • 1994 Recipient of the IEEE Computer Society "Hans Karlsson Award" for "Outstanding Leadership and achievement though cooperation -- in recognition of outstanding skills and dedication to diplomacy, team facilitation and joint achievement, in the development or promotion of standards in the computer industry where individual aspirations, corporate competition, and organizational rivalry could otherwise be counter to the benefit of society"

  • 2000 Recipient of IEEE Third Millennium Medal

  • IEEE Computer Society "Golden Core" recipient, 1997

  • Outstanding Contribution Award; IEEE Computer Society,

  • July 1989. "For outstanding technical achievement in the development of the POSIX Standard (P1003)"

  • IEEE CS Technical Committee on Operating Systems, POSIX Pioneer recognition (1988), "For contribution to the formation, growth, and adoption, of the IEEE P1003.1 Standard."

  • Stanford Computing Pioneer, 1987