Spies, Lies and Sunken Subs

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Critical Thinking and the Cold War

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Spring 2022 - OLLI Seacoast -- 2 days, May 2 & 9th

  • Spring 2020 - OLLI Seacoast -- 2 day format April 8&22 (virus canceled)

  • Spring 2019, Wed March 20-Apr 17th 10-12 Concord

A series of events from 1968 though 1975, and ongoing disclosures, books, freedom of information act revelations create an interesting opportunity to consider critical thinking, reading between the lines, etc. What we do know is that for many years the facts related to the 1968 loss of the Soviet K129 sub, the effort to raise all or part of it and the relationship, if any, to the 1968 loss of the USS Scorpion involve misinformation, cover stories, and lies from many if not all of the persons with information about these. Evaluating the information available over the years as disclosures emerged, gives us an interesting opportunity to ask key questions such as "what did happen?", "Why", and perhaps most useful "how would we know the real story?"

The Two Day format -- 2.5 hours each day

First class: 2.5 Hours

  • Intro

  • View "Azorian" movie (100 minutes)

  • Raise a few questions (and one sub)

  • Hand out the diverse set of books that relate to the topic(s)

Second Class: 2.5 Hours

  • Discuss the various books -- what "answers" seem to be surfacing?

  • Why are we getting different answers?

  • What might have really happened? -- and How would we know?

====================== 5 Week Format ==================

First Class -- 2 hrs

View "Azorian" movie (100 minutes)

Identify questions to research

Assignments -

read books, Google, Wikipedia etc. information on (See bibliography)

Be aware that some of the information is deliberate lies, other may be misinformed or not well considered.

  • K129 - Soviet Golf class missile sub lost in March 1968

  • Glomar Explorer - CIA/Hughes Project to raise K129 in 1974

  • Loss of USS Scorpion, May 1968

A few critical thinking questions to consider as you research these sources:

  • Does this seem believable?

  • For given "facts", how solid are they? Which are clearly well founded, which need confirmation?

  • How might you confirm specific information?

  • Are there obvious flaws in the source that might indicate other errors as well?

  • (Note: spelling, grammar, and such all affect perception and credibility)

  • What experience does the author/source have that might add credibility?

  • What interest conflicts might the author/source have that might undermine credibility?

  • How would the author/source "know" that?

  • Is the author holding back information or misleading in some area and acknowledging it?

Second Class -- 1.5 Hours -- Full Class Presentation

  • Feedback from research -- what are we finding out?

  • What are the stories about the K129?

  • What are the stories about the Scorpion?

  • What are the "right" questions?

  • Are there some other resources we should use to find answers?

  • Back to the research process .... swap books, pointers, suggestions ....

Third Class -- 1.5 Hours

  • Feedback from research -- what are we finding out?

  • What are the stories about the K129?

  • What are the stories about the Scorpion?

  • What do we think we know now?

Fourth class -- 1.5 Hours

  • Feedback from research -- what are we finding out?

  • Are there more general observations about sub activities and governmental operating models?

  • How has this changed since the "end" of the cold war?

  • also perhaps the background on the Triple Nickel, sub 555 and it's nuke friend(s?) NR-1, and maybe NR-2

  • (see RAND Nr-2 reports for example)

Fifth class -- 1.5 Hours

Another sub story .... The Cuban Missile crisis

The Man Who Saved The World; Oct. 23, 2012 Secrets of the Dead -- Subs and the Cuban Missile Crisis

Research these --for Cuban Crisis - who knew what when and how did it affect the outcome?

Questions -- for Jim Isaak's "Spies, Lies and Sunken Subs" class (http://is.gd/sunkensubs)

  1. Why did the Soviet Diesel Nuke carrying K129 Sub sink?

  2. Where did it sink? Google Map with various reference points.

  3. Was it on the surface when it sank, and if so, why?

  4. What was it doing when it sunk?

  5. Who has taken pictures of the K129 debris field, and when?

  6. What artifacts were recovered? (Number of bodies, ships bell, missiles, ...)

  7. Was the USS Scorpion sunk in retaliation?

  8. What was the Glomar Challenger doing during the Glomar Explorer exercise?

  9. What would/should the Soviets/Russians know about these two subs and when?

  10. What would/should the US know about these?

  11. Why might the Soviets and/or US wish to maintain secrecy "forever"?

  12. How might "compartmentalization" of information as a security practice have affected events at the time? And our understanding now?


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  19. ongoing news: Aug. 2012: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2185831/Declassified-170million-Cold-War-Stealth-boat-snapped-2-5million-condition-scrap-parts.html documents the sale of the Hughes Barge (used to transfer the "claw") and the Sea Shadow - a stealth navy ship.

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  37. Official 2010 CIA story is online

2018 postings

  1. Prof Simon -- claims to have more info Youtube posting asserts Hijack story, attack Hawaii -stopped by code that exploded missile

  2. 2016 "Rogue" video on youtube -- hijack again, lots of little errors in this story

  3. 2013 movie "The Phantom" based on rogue theory

  4. May 2019 - Smithsonian Article

For current context, this 30 minute documentary on an Ohio class boomer is interesting.