Overview 2018.06.23

The focus of our research group is the intersection of the fields of spintronics, traditional magnetism and nanoscale science and materials. Within this broad umbrella we are pursuing projects involving both electrical and optical studies of spin scattering and transport in nanoscale semiconductor structures, spin and magnetic interactions in organic-based systems from molecular monolayers to room temperature bulk ferrimagnets and multifunctional/multiferroic behavior of novel magnetic materials and heterostructures. Recently we have also begun working with sp3 bonded group IV 2D materials (C, Ge, Si, Sn) and are exploring novel non-equilibrium spin injection phenomena such as the spin-Seebeck effect and ferromagnetic resonance driven spin-pumping.

These activities are supported by our test and measurement facilities, including electronic measurement from DC to 30 GHz in conjunction with ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy from 325 nm to 1600 nm, allowing for integrated electro-optic measurements from room temperature to 1.5 K and from zero field to 8 Tesla. 

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Ultra-narrow ferromagnetic resonance in organic-based thin films grown via low temperature chemical vapor deposition, Applied Physics Letters 105, 012407 (2014)

Ferromagnetic resonance measurements of thin-film V[TCNE]x reveals an extremely narrow peak with linewidths on the order of 1.4 Oe, comparable to the best inorganic magnets (such as YIG) but with the added benefits of being able to deposit in benign conditions on a wide variety of substrates. These magnetic resonance properties potentially enable microwave electronics applications to complement YIG.


Congratulation Dr. Justin Young