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I've had this basic design in mind for well over a year, but could not decide how to finish it, specifically the grips.  After finishing my cousin's leather-wrapped hilt, I decided that I would do the same on this one.  The wiring on this one was a real pain, especially when I realized that I did not have enough supply voltage for all the features I had wired up.  I initialy wanted to install a 4xAA alkaline pack, for 6v and plenty of run-time.  The 4xAA turned out to be just a little too long (due to space needed for so many wires).  I then installed a 4xAAA pack.  It fit, but then I discovered my voltage issue.  I removed that pack too, and finally installed a 2x14500 li-ion pack.  It provides 7.4v, but less than half the run-time that the AAs would have.

In this build, I also added a kill-port (as the driver board draws a tiny current while in "stand-by mode").  I also installed a blinking yellow stand-by LED indicator, that switches to constant-on when the lightsaber is fully powered up.  The main switch has a yellow LED ring that activates when the lightsaber is fully powered on.  There is a second power port on the back of the pommel.  It is not wired up, but is the storage location for the power kill plug when it is removed from real kill port in the control box.

I added two leather strings of beads to go with the leather-wrapped grips, with the intention that this would be an old clan lightsaber, passed from Jedi to Jedi, as needed.

The Graflex clamp is fully operational, and is the opening point to swap the batteries.


LED: Seoul P4 white with yellow filter

LED Controller: Ultrasound v2.5

Power source: 7.4v li-ion (2x 14500 cells)

Lens: ?deg

Blade size: 1" OD

Sound: Ultrasound v2.5

Recharge Port: power-kill only port






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