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Please note that projects names with italics are now obsolete and I'm no longer maintaining those projects.

List of experimental utilities

  • HTML5 Mandelbrot Generator - This is simple JavaScript application to generate Mandelbrot set and Julia set fractals in HTML5 complaint web browsers. This application is derived from Mandel source code (which is available at and it covers most of the features available in that original application. Online version of this HTML5 Mandelbrot Generator is available at All the source code of this application are available to download at
  • PHPhD – Server Side Hardware Port Access Extension for PHP: The PHPhD is a free and open source server side hardware port access extension for PHP. This version of PHPhD (version support for PHP 5.2.x (tested with PHP 5.2.1) and distributed under the terms and conditions of Mozilla Public License version 1.1. This PHP extension is available to download at
  • Symbian S60 – 2nd Edition System Information Applet: This is a simple mobile application to obtain system information (such as CPU details, memory configuration, main-board details, etc) of Symbian S60 – 2nd edition mobile devices. This application is developed using Nokia Carbide.c++. In the testing phase we successfully launch this application in Nokia 6670, 6680 and N70 mobile phones. Full version of this application is available to download in here.
  • Simple Vehicle Routing Simulator: This is a vehicle routings simulator based on saving heuristic method. This application is developed using Borland Delphi 7 and JEDI JCL libraries. Complete theoretical explanation about this simulator is available in my old site. To download the simulator with the complete source code and sample data please visit the download section of
  • Ultra Simple Fish Eye Image Processor: In this sample application we design some simple algorithm to convert "Fish Eye Images" to "panoramic images" with minimum amount of input data/parameters. This application is based on simple mathematical foundation and developed using C++ with help of Nokia Qt 4.0 GUI toolkit. All the source codes, binaries and sample images of this project are available to download at
  • Dictionary File Decoder: This is an application developed using Lazarus – Free Pascal IDE to decode the dictionary files. In this sample application we demonstrate how to process dictionary (DIC) file using supplied affix table (AFF) file. All the project source codes and binaries are available to download at here.
  • PalindromicGen – Palindromic Number Finder: PalindromicGen is a lightweight configurable tool to perform reverse-and-add operations to obtain Palindromic numbers. The main purpose of this application is to examine the existence of Lychrel numbers in a series of natural numbers. All the project source codes and binaries are available to download at here.
  • Brute Force Attacker for Sudoku Puzzles: This is a small lightweight brute force attacker for Sudoku puzzles. In original title we say it as a “classical brute force attacker” because it operates in a traditional "dictionary base" style. This terminal application is design and tested on Linux base systems and it can capable to solve any symmetrical Sudoku puzzle up to dimension of 9×9. This application is available to download in here with full source code and it release under the terms of MIT Licenses. Please note that the bundled binary file in this archive is compatible with x86-64bit Linux systems only.
  • BOM-Gen: This is EAGLE parts list generation script and it was written to replace existing "part2html.ulp" script. This script generates more organized and detailed BOM HTML file from EAGLE PCB projects. This script is available to download in here.

I maintain all of my open source projects through Open HUB, and my profile on that site may contain more technical details of above projects.